Tomahawk, WI 06/17/2014 (Basicsmedia) – 22nd Century Group Inc (NYSEMKT:XXII), a biotech company that uses proprietary technology to diminish and significantly decrease the levels of nicotinic alkaloids in a number of tobacco plants, through well-researched genetic engineering is all set to join Russell 2000, Russell Global, Russell 3000 and Russell Microcap Indexes.

The Russell-Inclusion

XXII announced that the company shall be included when Russell Investments would reconstitute the US and other global equity indexes till the day’s end on June 27, 2014. On June 13, Russell Indexes incorporated XXII’s listing on its web-domain after the United States stock market closed, at the day’s end!

XXII’s Perspective
The CEO and Founder of XXII, Joseph Pandolfino snubbed that he is immensely pleased as the company has obtained the opportunity to be included in Russell Indexes. This inclusion is deemed to trigger the interests of investors’ fraternities, most of whom might be less familiar about the work or expertise of XXII. He further added that in due course of time, may be within the next 3 years, XXII would leave no stone unturned to jostle into Russell 1000 index!

Advantages Of Russell-Inclusion

Russell seeks for detailed market capitalization data and rankings, a company’s ideal objective and style attributes, while determining grounds of membership for its range of equity indexes. 22nd Century Group Inc (NYSEMKT:XXII) is privileged to break into four of Russell’s top notch indexes, after being thoroughly analyzed on the similar marking yardsticks.

XXII’s entry in Russell indexes is of huge importance in the company’s perspective. Russell indexes are widely  followed by a number of institutional investors and investment managers as an ideal platform or a benchmark for active and passive strategies pertaining to investments. Approximately, more than $5.2 trillion assets are duly benchmarked to the varied Russell Indexes.

Better Exposure, Greater Profits

The inclusion of XXII to Russell Indexes would push larger investments into the company’s swelling exchequer. A larger number of institutional investors and managers would have direct views on what 22nd Century Group Inc (NYSEMKT:XXII) is all about and how it contributes to the profitability of the society with its cutting edge innovations. Certainly, this would enhance XXII’s exposure and better its prospects!

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