Tomahawk, WI 05/07/2014 (Basicsmedia) –The Project Ara Prospects

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) have shared the information on their collaboration to unveil a smartphone. This venture is named Project Ara and is supposed to provide a new hardware platform for modular smartphones. The Project Ara would enormously reduce the electronic waste. The Project Ara phones are expected to be available by next year and will be priced around $50. Google Inc created this project to expand its reach of one billion smartphone users which are just a fraction of remaining six billion. 


3D Systems announced initiation of a series of 3D digital literacy software tools. This process would make 3D printing fast and efficient for K-12 teachers. This venture is named MAKE DIGITAL aptly as it provides numerous services to compete in this digital age. Services include a new website, discounted bundles for school/education programs, curriculum and training recourses for range of subjects and partnership with recognized education programs including scholarships. 3D System has also joined hands with   Einstein Fellows to train in national education hacks on 3DS’s technology and develop curriculum modules to be used by K-12 educators. In yet another partnership, 3DS and IDEA Co developed a globally tested and free to download curriculum and toolkit that went live in April2014. The purpose is to teach design thinking and prototyping to young students.

Advantage Automotive Industry

The company announced that it has delivered more than 2 dozen of its ProX Series digital printers to the leading tyre manufactures of the automotive industry. 3D printed metal tyre tread molds revolutionize the transportation and automotive industry through higher performance and improved safety. Automative industry benefits highly from ProX as it can be used to model tyres with intricate tread designs which would not have been possible with traditional tread moulds. With the ProX series one could have 3D metal printing and design efficient tread designs for tyres that are used by huge range of automotive available now. Moreover, one can test the design again and make changes to the design mould before going into large scale production. Also, ProX series can be used to support designing and manufacture in other industries such as aerospace, medical and heavy machinery.

Don’t you worry Surgeons

The 3D Systems have come with the product for surgeons that would help in a never before seen precision and control on surgical operations on the smallest of patients. The product, named Virtual Surgical Plannning (VSP), can use by doctors to model the surgical procedure and conduct a practice surgery precisely before working on the patients including as small as infants. A detailed surgical procedure can be created by VSP that captures digital model of the patient directly from MRI or CT scan. 

3D Systems to Acquire Robtec

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) announced adoption of firm Robtec, headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Robtec is formally a leading 3D printing and scanning products distributors in the Latin America. This merger would help 3DS further spread it reach in southern America and set up manufacturing plants there. Further, Robtec’s experience in Latin-American market, its expertise and employee base blends well to the 3DS plans.

Imperial Capital Analysis of 3D Systems Corporation

Imperial Capital states that, in long run, the growth prospects for 3D Systems is very positive. It is partnering with several firms such as Staples Inc (NASDAQ:SPLS) to increase its market coverage and also luring customers with a variety of product suite. However, such investments and collaborations have the short term investors worrying.

Future Looks Bright

3D Systems has been performing consistently well in its sector. During some periods in the past, it has shown 10 fold progresses in stocks. It has even attracted institutional investments. One of the reasons behind recent drop was the profits booking. 3D Systems placed its first quarter for 2014 at $148 which accounts for 45 % growth. This beats The Street’s average estimate of $145 Million. Its management reported growth in of all its sectors such as 3D printer sales, printer material sales, services, healthcare sales and consumer sales. Such a scenario puts 3D Systems in a leading position. On the other end, 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD) are leaving no stone unturned in research and innovation for newer products.

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