Tomahawk, WI 07/25/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Twiter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) discloses the diversity it posses with as low as only 20% females consisting its entire workforce. The male employees form a larger portion of the workforce with about 70%. Just like any other technology company, Twitter also has a unhealthy diversity in its employee’s constituency. Silicon Valley which houses the head quarter of this social media giant also bears such statistics.

Diversity based on the gender discrimination

To the discontent of females, only 10% of female employees work hands on for technology related projects. The remaining of about 21% women holds the prestigious position in the leadership and management department. Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) having 30% female workers strength in all, actually engages only 10% of them with technology projects.

Diversity based on the geography

The company also disclosed that 90% of their entire workforce of about 3,000 employees to be either white or Asians. Though this diversity is not intentional by any well established organization, it extensively hampers the proportional or offset growth of different geographic regions. A meager numeric value of 10% employees belongs to geography except Asia and is not white.

What made Twitter to talk about the workforce?

Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) known for bestowing the registered users with privileges of short messaging, sharing of pictures, videos etc, has joined the list of Google Inc., Yahoo! Inc., LinkedIn Corp, Facebook Inc. in providing statistical information of its workforce which other company fails to do. These data provided by the companies helps the masses to be aware and can get them an opportunity to shortlist available domains to begin working with.


The reason behind this gap is that minority group are comparatively less exposed to practicality of technology and are not nourished healthy with good quality education. Education system when revised, disproportionate diversity in the workforce can be eliminated.

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