Northern, WI  12/17/2012 (BasicsMedia) — Acura Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ACUR) +15% higher this morning and was the real standout  exploding higher by 83% over recent weeks after it released a new drug known as Nexafed. Acura specializes in developing drugs that are prone to being abused, so its latest offering, Nexafed, an abuse-resistant form of nasal decongestant Sudafed, disallows the ability to synthesize methamphetamine from the drug. As Foolish health-care guru David Williamson notes, Nexafed is wholly owned by Acura, which may mean big profits are right around the corner.

I have never understood Meth..but I do know it ruins lives very quickly, so I did a bit of research on any company in the fight to reduce the carnage it is causing in our culture.  What I found is that the active ingredient in Meth is pseudoephedrine – and when extracted and eventually becomes this dangerous drug killing our children.  I am not a scientist, but any company who spends R&D money to detour the Meth Labs around the U.S.  is good in my book.

Acura (NASDAQ:ACUR) is trading 70% higher today after releasing press on this product which will curb and abate the production of this terrible drug , the company said , ” The launch of Nexafed® is a significant milestone for Acura and in the continued fight against meth in the U.S.,” said Robert B. Jones, president and chief executive officer of Acura Pharmaceuticals. “Acura is highly committed to addressing the needs of local communities by investing in the development of abuse-deterrent technologies and medicines. It’s not about innovating once, but continuing to improve on the technology without compromising efficacy.”

Pseudoephedrine, a decongestant used in some cold and allergy medicines, is the primary ingredient converted during illegal methamphetamine production. Unlike other cold and allergy pseudoephedrine products, Nexafed® is the only medicine that utilizes Acura’s Impede™ technology, a unique polymer matrix that disrupts the extraction and conversion of pseudoephedrine to methamphetamine. If abusers try to extract the pseudoephedrine out of Nexafed® to make methamphetamine, the inactive ingredients in the polymer matrix will form a thick gel to block that extraction and disrupt conversion of pseudoephedrine to methamphetamine.

Laboratory tests conducted on Acura’s behalf by an independent research organization demonstrated that in the two methods of methamphetamine production that require pseudoephedrine extraction prior to conversion, no pseudoephedrine could be extracted and isolated from Nexafed® using a range of aqueous and organic solvents. In addition, in the direct conversion method, or “one-pot” technique used in home labs, laboratory tests demonstrated that Impede™ technology reduced the yield of methamphetamine from conversion of pseudoephedrine by about half of that derived from the leading national brand product.

Way to go !!!!!

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