Tomahawk, WI 06/18/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Alcatel Lucent SA (ADR) (NYSE:ALU) has reported that it is set to launch a brand new portfolio of its exquisite OSS capabilities in a bid to better its customer experience solutions. This portfolio is deemed to harness better benefits of the exotic cloud technologies, thus soliciting sumptuous reduction of operating costs and enhance customer-based services holistically, by delivering automatic service provider’s operations.

A Conjoint Effort To Improve Video Streaming

Alcatel Lucent SA (ADR) (NYSE:ALU)’s research arm, Bell Labs, has partnered with Net Mobile AG, a renowned, leading provider of mobile-value-added-services and online payment solutions, in unveiling an innovative technology. It guarantees at least sixfold improvement over the contemporary streaming levels. The inception of this well-researched technology warrants very low consumption of additional network capacities.

Context-Aware Technology

Dubbed as Context-Aware Video Streaming, this technology is primarily based on Bell Labs’ CARA solution. The location based information retrieval algorithm forms the basis of this technology. Accordingly, the algorithm predicts (by analysis of the location the device is located) whether the mobile device is set to enter a poor network coverage area or a far better one! By predicting upcoming network performances, data usage would be regulated by the device to ensure that the quality of user experience uses pragmatically, and there is a purported decrease in video stalling!

Vision And Insights

The CTO of Net Mobile AG, Dieter Plassmann retorted that improvement of network usage technology, on-the-go, has been a major challenge for nearly all of the stakeholders hailing from the mobile industry. This innovative conjoint effort in executing seamless video buffering, is ought to enhance user experience over a wider gamut.

The Head of Wireless-Research Division at Bell Labs, Tod Sizer commented that with a larger number of internet users ‘going mobile’, this innovation is deemed to better user experiences and emerge as a gateway for the next-generation networks.

Antel Deploys ALU’s Small Cell Technology

Uruguay’s national telecom service provider and a renowned name in Latin America, Antel, has announced that it would deploy ALU’s small cell technology to boost coverage capacity and enhance its outreach to areas with limited coverage.

Into The Future

Though Alcatel Lucent SA (ADR) (NYSE:ALU)’s share prices have been dwindling for quite some time now, rampant utilization of its small cell technologies and inception of Context-Aware Video Streaming technology should boost its holistic profitability, in the upcoming months.

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