Tomahawk, WI 10/22/2013 (BasicsMedia) – There are some who believe that, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has reached its zenith in terms of growth and cannot go higher than the current levels. The company, with a market cap of more than $150.2 billion, has seen products eligible for its retail site increase exponentially in the recent past. However, the volume of growth has been minimal, thus giving hope that there is still a lot of room for growth. AMZN’s expansion into several product areas has been staggering but I believe that it can grow and help the company increase its revenues and profits in the long-term.

AMZN’s Prime Selection Has Grown Exponentially

AMZN’s prime selection has grown quite considerably in the recent years. AMZN’s prime selection has more than 21 million units that customers can purchase from anywhere in the world. You would think that with such a wide selection available, the company would have reached its zenith or peak, and that there is no need for expansion. This is further from the truth because AMZN can still add more products and units into its Prime Selection thus giving clients all over the world the opportunity to increase their products better than they have done thus far.

Third party sellers are responsible for 90% of the items listed for sale in Amazon. Only 5% of these products are listed in the media categories, with the rest belonging to het non-media categories. If you want to buy good from AMZN and enjoy free shipping, your options are limited only to 11% of all the listed physical goods. Once again, this shows that there is still a lot of room for growth in this sector. Products that are eligible for Prime Selection on AMZN are under-represented, while the company has a limited market share in various categories.

AMZN Boasts of 10 million Members

AMZN tends to pay more emphasis on general merchandise and this has prevented it from growing or expanding its services better than what customers are currently experiencing. The company can carry out expansion in the retail industry that brings in more than trillion dollars worth of revenue. The company currently boasts of around 10 million loyal members, whose orders are twice or thrice higher than what non-members order. It is the members who also love to order items that are eligible for AMZN’s free shipping services. It can expand these areas too.

AMZN has to find a way of being attractive to non-members. It has to encourage non-members or third party sellers to seek membership. Thus far, AMZN has done a lot to emerge as the largest online retailer, but it cannot rest on its laurels seeing how competitive this industry has become. AMZN needs to find new ways of monitoring customer experience and to address any issue that may crop up whenever members and non-members use its site to buy and sell different products. These steps are central to the company’s expansion efforts.

While AMZN has to lay more emphasis on expansion, it cannot afford to forget about its current members and non-members. If it carries out the expansion well enough, the company will be attractive to customers and investors alike.

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