Tomahawk, WI 8/01/2013 (Basicsmedia) –, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is an online retailer, selling products to consumers through its retail websites providing them convenience along with options for price and selection. It offers convenient options to sellers for selling a variety of products on its website, including books, apps, music and other content. The Company is operating two separate segments, one segment focusing on North American sales and operations and the other looking at its International agenda.

The Firm had recently surprised the market and analysts with its results, quoting a net loss for 2Q2013 at $7 million, aggregating to $0.02 per diluted share. However, riding high on its sales of digital products and Kindle devices, Amazon has come up strongly to become one of the top picks in the stock market, shadowing the not-so up-to-the-mark quarterly results. Kindle is the prime candidate of Amazon with 350K exclusive kindle books and newly launched Kindle Singles Interview, a series launched on Kindle platform featuring exclusive interviews with iconic figures and leaders from all over the World. The latest in the offering is the interview with President Barrack Obama, announced on July 31, 2013, which can be downloaded and accessed by readers on their free kindle reading devices and platforms.

Amazon is also reportedly making a huge profit with its cloud business. The Company is providing low cost virtual-spaces to its customers, self-quoting itself to be carrying out business under low margins for profit. ProfitBricks, however, turned down this sentiment of Amazon quoting that the Company is not making less than 60 to 80 % profit. ProfitBricks had reduced their charges to more than half at 3.25 cents an hour on July 31, 2013 to prove this point and proclaimed to have run into profits at that low price also. Amazon is charging its customers between $0.06 and $0.60 per hour with varying sizes of cloud space. This figure for ProfitBricks did not account for the salaries of its employees, however, but is still able to raise hopes for a profitable future for the Amazon and its stock holders.

Amazon is planning to hire 7K new employees in the US, with 5K of them being employed on permanent basis and about 2K on part time customer service jobs. This move by the Company is being seen as an attempt to boost its business with plans of new products and expansions, as seen by market analysts, in the wake of poorer-than-expected results. The Company was however quoted to be employing additional work-force in response to an increased customer demand.

Looking at Amazon’s future, one does not always get to see through a very bright perspective, however, Amazon has its own plans. Amazon has massive cash and equivalents at hand at $7.46 billion, and with most of its investments looking at long-term gains, Amazon seems to be over-looking its short term losses with ease.  Even the performance of the Company supports an up move for the stock in future.  The curve has been consistently moving upwards over the years with a few breaks to at certain intervals, before resuming an upward journey.

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