Tomahawk, WI 10/30/2013 (BasicsMedia) – When, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) released its latest quarterly results last week, it was clear that the company had made losses yet again. It is now clear that the company struggles to make profits, but its revenues are not under any threat. The company’s revenues for this three-month period total $17.09 billion. AMZN’s revenues were much higher than what the industry had predicted. This has been the trend for quite some time now, and I simply cannot see it changing any time soon. AMZN will continue seeing its revenues building up in future.

AMZN’s Track Record with Revenues is Quite Impressive

AMZN benefits from improved revenue every time it releases its quarterly financial results. This trend is mainly because of one reason, its decision to reinvest in new products. It is obvious that AMZN’s failure to post profits for the past years has been because of its decision to reinvest everything it makes back into the business. This year, 2013, the company should finally declare profits, though I believe they will be small. AMZN focuses on increasing its revenue, and this single emphasis on revenue collection has been fruitful for the company up to this point.

AMZN has succeeded in multiplying the amount of money it collects during every 3-month period as revenue. I do not think this will change any time soon. If anything, AMZN will see its revenue collection abilities grow further with the passage of time. While it could declare profits this year, if the company’s top executives decide to reinvest in order to help improve its next quarterly revenues, this may not happen at all. There is no way that AMZN will stop losing money any time soon, as long as it continues focusing on increasing its quarterly revenue figures.

AMZN’s Q4 2013 Revenue Not Under Threat

The company’s revenues for the fourth quarter of 2013 will not be under threat. The revenue for the next quarter will be much higher than what it has posted thus far. However, I think AMZN bases this on the fact that it expects to enjoy a much better fourth quarter than it has managed up to this point. It expects the last quarter of this fiscal year to be one of its best in a long time. The reason for this is that we are heading to the holiday season, which normally favors retailers such as AMZN. This holiday season will be good for AMZN and other retailers as well.

AMZN Struggles with Poor Earnings Compared to its Tech Rivals Inc’s earnings have been very poor compared to what other tech giants have posted in 2013. The company’s shares have done very well in 2013, compared to those of its rival tech firms. AMZN may not be enjoying the level of earnings that are worthy of a company of its stature. I think this is not much of a problem bearing in mind the fact that AMZN has put the right infrastructure in place for the remainder of 2013, and which will help to drive the company forward going into the future. AMZN is currently in good health financially and in every way.

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