Tomahawk, WI 06/07/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), an American multinational automaker has ventured into the markets of India. For instance, the all time rival of General Motors (NYSE:GM), the Ford entered into the automobile sectors of China but lost a considerable amount of its market share owing to its delayed entry. And to prevent such financial blows, the entry of Ford in Indian markets has been significant. The automobile markets of India are growing at a faster rate and are a boon for the auto industry, Ford has benchmarked its position in this region.

Ford VS GM

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) always well known for its intent to crush its previous records has done the same this year. The American automaker has achieved a number of 6, 053 till May, 2014 in its domestic wholesale which amounted to 51% increase to its previous year’s annual report. Another parameter to consider about this year’s achievements by Ford India is its record of export of 6, 235 units of the vehicle, which surpassed even its own domestic sales. If we sum the units of domestic as well as the export sales by ford during the ongoing financial year till May, it accounted to more than 12, 200 vehicle and whereas General Motors India could manage to deploy only a meager of 4, 865 vehicles. This sale contributed to the rise of 105% in the sales than the previous year value.

Ford’s prospects in Asia

It is expected that Indian auto markets will jump ahead of Japan, Germany and Brazil and stand tall in its third position only behind the markets of China and U.S. by the end of 2016. Investors have to think close in this regard as interiorizing the Indian markets will never be their wise decision. Global strategy of Ford has to be scrutinized for the establishment of Ford in the Asian continent taking India as its focal point in terms of exports.

Key point

The prospects of these emerging markets have to be observed over by long term investors as Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is never lagging compared to its competitors. Though an immediate return from the Ford are faded and does not seem to overweigh the balance, but a decade long potential of the company will be noteworthy.

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