IDC, a research firm said on Wednesday that there were 4 Android phones for each iPhone dispatched globally in the 2nd quarter, which is up from the ratio of 2.5:1 during the same period previous year.

Samsung Android phones have been successful in the market and this inturn has assisted Google OS to extend its power in smartphone market. Few of the phone makers, including Samsung Electronics shipped almost 105 million Android smartphones during the quarter April-June, providing Android 68% of global market, up from 47% last year.

The profits came mostly at the cost of BlackBerry phones developed by Research in Motion and Symbian-oriented phones designed mostly by Nokia. Each of them experienced their market share falling less than 5%. Presently, Nokia is developing phones that operate on Windows Phone OS.

Apple iPhone’s market share dropped a little to 17% from the previous 19%. But the manufacturer dispatched more iPhones that previous year. Apple is ranked in the second position as a smartphone maker following Samsung and it could likely progress after the launch of its new iPhone.

Apple created a buzz in the smartphone market when it launched the first iPhone in the year 2007. It proved that phones could do much more than sending mails and making calls.

However, in recent times, Google has posed a great challenge with its Android and profits from having many manufacturers as associates, including HTC, Motorola Mobility, and Samsung.

In the tablet computer market, it is still Apple that dominates, with 68% of the market in 2nd quarter, as per reports from IDC. The search engine giant, Google is attempting to fill this gap with Nexus 7, its Android tablet. The booksellers Barnes & Noble and Amazon have made few attempts with affordably priced tablets that work on modified editions of Android. RIM and Microsoft will be launching new editions of their operating systems – BlackBerry 10 next year and Windows Phone in October.

As per reports from IDC, Samsung sold almost 44% of all the Android phones in the 2nd quarter and dispatched more phones than the following 7 Android phone manufacturers combined.

Shipment of smartphones worldwide grew 42% to 154 million in the 2nd quarter. Combined, Apple and Android had 85% of the market, which is up from 66% last year.

IDC’s senior research analyst, Kevin Restivo stated that the mobile operating systems market is presently undeniably a 2-horse race, owing to the supremacy of iOS and Android.

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