Tomahawk, WI 11/05/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been known to be always ahead of its competition in terms of new designs, formats, program and devices. And nothing better captures this than the company’s recent release of iPad Air, a high-end tablet that has taken even its rivals by awe and has excited its faithful customers to the core. But if you though Apple is just limited to matters tech, then a second thought won’t harm. It makes good reading that the giant tech, the author of world-class smartphones iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S is also doing something about the U.S unemployment situation.

The company whose market cap now rates around $473 billion and stock price trading in the region of $526 per share,  will open a new manufacturing facility in Arizona. That is what the company plans to do in partnership with GT Advanced Technologies Inc, the mineral crystal specialist. The effect of this is that the project will create up to 700 jobs in the manufacturing line in the first year and additional 1,300 jobs in construction and associate related activities in Mesa, Arizona.

Apple offers more than just huge perks

The U.S. unemployment numbers are still quite high and by taking this bold step to create jobs at home, Apple has responded to a high national calling. Jobs that Apple creates are known to be lucrative as it is one of the tech companies which offer humble perks to their employees. And for Apple, the rewards do not just stop at huge perks but also nondiscriminatory workplace environment. The company’s CEO Tim Cook is among the few leaders of giant corporations to have publicly supported the passing of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act by the Congress. This bill seeks to lift any discrimination against employees when applying for jobs. Among other things, the bill effectively offers relief to gay employees and Cook finds this interesting. In fact, his company is already offers a conducive environment for people of all races, nationality, gender and sexual orientation.

Apple needs talents

In plugging the unemployment gap, Apple is also setting itself up in scouting for the talents to ensure that it keeps on setting the benchmarks for its peers while exceeding the benchmarks itself. To remain competitive Apple has been seeking stellar brains from outside its circles. In the recent past months, the firm was among several tech companies which sought to woo engineers from the cornered BlackBerry. The company has remained mum over the scouting reports it no doubt requires technical crew to continue sharpening its innovative edge.

Arizona manufacturing facility to provide sapphire materials

The planned manufacturing facility in Arizona will supply Apple with sapphire materials which the tech firm hopes to use in its electronic devices. Sapphire materials are used in optical instruments, integrated circuits and watches. With the much excepted iWatch, it is understandable why Apple is sinking millions of dollars for the manufacture of sapphire materials in Arizona. To kick off the production at Mesa in Arizona, Apple will give GT $578 million which is a prepayment.

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