Tomahawk, WI 10/18/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has enjoyed 2013 fully. The company was recently recognized as the best brand in the entire world, ahead of both Google and Coca Cola that were ranked in position two and three respectively. The company is also recognized as the most innovative brand or business in the whole world as well. The company struck a deal with Verizon Communications Inc where the latter would sell its iPhones. I must admit that this is a very well thought out plan as it allows AAPL to increase the sales of its various iPhone gadgets in the U.S.

Verizon Sells 3.9 Million AAPL’s iPhones

Verizon has helped AAPL to sell close to 3.9 million iPhone gadgets. This has considerably added to AAPL’s revenue. This is a strategy can help other companies in the tech industry. It is worth stating that more than 50% of all phones sold by Verizon have been iPhones. What we cannot learn from these figures is the AAPL iPhone that has enjoyed higher sales than the other between 5S and 5C. These two latest iPhone devices were released into the market by AAPL at the same time, and it may be awhile before we know the leading model in terms of sales.

Verizon’s iPhone Sales Figures Surpasses Expectations

When the deal by Verizon to sell AAPL’s iPhone gadgets was released, the consensus appeared to point at no more than 3.5 million units being sold. The 3.9 million units of iPhone sold during this period surpassed this figure. Moreover, I am of the opinion that this should be added to the 28-million iPhone sales that was AAPL announced recently. The figure is much higher and indicates that the iPhone is still quite popular in the U.S, which remains AAPL”s largest single market to date. AAPL’s most important component remains iPhone sales.

AAPL’s prospects where iPhone sales is concerned, remains quite good. If everything else remains constant and iPhone sales continue to improve in the next few weeks, by the time AAPL releases its fourth quarter financial results on October 28, the figures will be astounding. If AAPL can replicate this deal it has with Verizon, which has been responsible for the sale of 11% iPhone gadgets, I think its stock will  continue rising. I am convinced that AAPL is necessary buy stock and its outlook, both in the short and long term, are solid and quite impressive.

AAPL Needs to Extend its Market Beyond the U.S

Verizon has sold a large number of AAPL’s iPhone devices in the U.S. AAPL must find a way of balancing sales from its U.S market, with those of the international market. Verizon is the first of the carriers in the U.S to report its results regarding iPhone sales for this quarter. Once the other carriers that are in agreement with AAPL start releasing their figures, I see this figure doubling or tripling. However, its long-term performance depends to a large extent on the kind of agreements it puts in place with carriers across the world, especially those in emerging markets.

Thus far, I see nothing but the best of news from the deal AAPL has with Verizon to sale its iPhone devices.

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