Tomahawk, WI 9/03/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  While the next big product launch of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is just few days away, it is still a big question in the minds of analysts and investors alike if this company is continuing with its trend of innovation. The success for Apple had not been in launching one new product every year, rather it had always been on innovating new products every year. However, it is now a big concern in the investing world that this company had stayed away from innovation for years in the past.

Missing out on innovation

It is worth noting that Apple Inc.’s last ever new and innovative product into the markets had been that of iPad, a device which was designed to totally change the PC market forever. While the company had made new launches of music streaming services after the iPad, investors had not found anything highly valuable as this product in the recent past. It had recently been commented by analysts that Apple is primarily focusing on giving back some short term return on capital to the shareholders in the recent past than on adding any huge value to its stock.

Value to shareholders

Apple Inc. had recently been focusing on extracting the previously created value to its shareholders rather than on creating any new value. It could be observed that the company had been piling up heavy cash for many years in the recent past and was watching it grow until now when it had started to give it back to its shareholders. While it is being criticized that Apple is not making any huge investments into the R&D budgets, it is essential to understand that the company is presently not in a position to make any huge inventions.

Problem with R&D

It is true that there are many talented engineers sitting at the helm of Apple Inc making innovations almost every day. However, the other side is that the company is facing some serious problems in getting all such innovative ideas approved for product development and then for the production and sale. It can thus not be put forward that the company had completely missed out on innovation in the recent years, it is only that few administrative issues are keeping out Apple Inc. from bringing any new value addition to its product portfolio

Investors could stay confident with this stock as the next iPhone from Apple Inc. is due for launch by this September. However, it is essential that the company moves on to focus on the market share of its products as it is presently in third position behind Samsung and Nokia in the market for smart phones. Thus a primary focus to bring new value added innovative products to the portfolio and to focus on presenting heavy increase in its market share would prove effective to bring back the investor attraction to this stock which still holds huge prospects to the traders.

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