Tomahawk, WI 10/01/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has now overtaken the world’s former leading brand, Coca Cola to take the first position globally. For a company such as Apple to achieve such a feat, bearing in mind that it has been in existence for a much shorter period of time compared to some other wonderful performers in the market. It has overtaken Coca Cola whose brand value stands at $79.2 billion. This is much lower than even Google; which takes the second position with a brand value that stands at $93.3 billion, while Apple’s is $98.3 billion.

AAPL Has Worked Hard to Be Where it is

Apple’s rise to the top is not a mean achievement. Coca Cola has been the world’s leading brand for more than a decade, 13 years to be precise. It was always going to take a very special company to overtake Coca Cola in terms of global brand value. AAPL has worked hard to establish itself as the world’s best in terms of design and performance. However, if there is one product which has propelled AAPL to the front of the queue, it has to be its iPhones, which have set the standards for this relatively new market. It has constantly outperformed its major rivals.

AAPL has always believed in its vision and mission of being a market leader in terms of innovation. It has continued to invest in this mission and this has helped propel it ahead of its rivals within and without the industry. AAPL has achieved this feat due to its strong financial performance, added to its ability to influence the buying habits of customers as well as the capacity to secure earnings to investors over a prolonged period of time. Other companies it has overtaken include IBM, Toyota, Intel, Samsung, McDonald’s, GE and Microsoft among others.

Technology Firms Benefit from the Latest Ranking

It seems that the latest ranking was quite good for technology firms. Most of them saw an increase in their brand value. It is only Nokia which dropped in terms of brand value. However, both Yahoo and BlackBerry were completely nowhere to be seen in the top 100 leading brands in the world. BlackBerry’s misfortunes are well documented and that is why it was not featuring tin this list. However, as for Yahoo, I expect the company to make a comeback soon now hat it is under a new CEO, who is aggressively turning it around towards profitability.

The technology industry has been beset by a lot of turmoil in the past one year or so. Nokia used to enjoy the largest share in the mobile gadgets industry but was recently overtaken by none other than Samsung in 2012. However, Nokia has been further split into two when Microsoft opted to purchase the company’s phone business for a total of $5.44 billion. Through this deal with Microsoft, Nokia can now only focus on making low-end phones. This helps to give clarity and a better understanding of what AAPL has achieved in such an industry in the last year.

As to whether AAPL will retain its status within the next one year until the data regarding the world’s most valuable brand is released, that remains to be seen.

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