Tomahawk, WI 10/29/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Arguably the biggest manufacturing company, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to releases its Q4 earnings at the close of trading on Monday November 4. It is not a surprise that people and analysts expect some good news from the iPhone Kingpin as the company continues to enjoy success in the dynamic phone, tablet and Pc industry. Six years since it launched its first iPhone and seven other iterations, the company has continued to see better days with each financial year. Apple is one of the most followed companies in the world with earnings that attract a large amount of interest all over the world.

Earnings for Q4 will be no different in comparison to the previous quarters as the company is expected to report increased earnings greatly influenced by their newly launched iPhone 5C. According to white’s projection, Apple is expected to post earnings of $8.06 per share with revenue expected to hit the $37.49 billion. But by consensus of numerous Analysts, Apple is expected to report earnings of $7.89 per share translating to $36.8 billion worth of revenue. Apple higher selling prices for iPhone 5C and iPad mini with Retina display will mostly do the trick in ensuring the company climbs the ladder in terms of revenue collection. The increase in revenue is expected to maintain the upward trend until 2014 when Apple is expected to keep up the norm and launch another one of a kind product.

According to estimates Apple sold a total of 32.96 million iPhones for the fourth quarter ending September a mark that is the best in the Phone industry. IPad sales are estimated to have clocked the 14 million mark sure to be a major boost in net profits. The only drawback in the expected results is the sales of Mac. It has been a poor year for the sale of Pc’s throughout the year affected a lot by the rough back to school session with Apple is expected to report only 3.8 million sale of their PC’s. This is a bit in line with the company earlier projection of 4 million sales.

It has been a good quarter for the mega phone manufacturing company clearly indicated by the nine million sales the company recorded on the opening weekend when it launched its highly anticipated products in September. The company had only anticipated a sale of only six million devices for the same period. It is no secret that the Tech giant heavily relies on the success of iPhone devices with this brand making up of about half of the company’s revenue. The company had earlier anticipated a mediocre growth of 5% for the third quarter which was thwarted by a surprise 20% growth. The iPhone market looks set to be the accelerant for the company’s growth in the coming years despite claims of luck of creativity and innovation in terms of features and specs with the market being viewed to be highly saturated.

 A major announcement that many analysts are waiting to see is whether Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will go forth and heed to Carl Cahn advice of buying back stock worth 150 billion. If this happens the company’s stock is expected to jump in value.

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