Tomahawk, WI 02/13/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is not staying quiet. The company has opted to join the world of TVs through a new investment meant to strengthen its process of diversification. Apple is now a globally leading technology firm, with interests in more than one area. The company has announced that it will launch its own TV Set-Top Box by April 2014. However, the company is unsure about the exact date when it will release this new product into the market, even though it has mentioned December 2014. If all goes well, Apple Inc hopes that it will release the new Set-top box into the market just in time for Christmas 2014.

Apple Inc went through a remarkable and eventful 2013, where it finally received recognition as the world’s biggest and easy to recognize brand. Attaining these hitherto insurmountable heights has out Apple Inc at the front of the queue among technology firms. It is good to note that the company is not relying on its past achievements but is always on the lookout for new frontiers and business as well as investment opportunities. Apple Inc does all this to ensure that it remains highly attractive to shareholders and investors from across the board.  With a market cap of close to $480 billion, Apple Inc is on the right track to realizing its goals.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) says that it cannot release the set-top box into the market earlier than December 2014 because of several reasons. First, the company has to look for new and fresh content. The company cannot rely on the name it has made for itself in the technology industry to sell the set-top box. It needs new ideas, and when users buy the set-top box, they will do it only when they believe that it offers better content than what is already on the market. Currently, Apple Inc is in negotiations with Time Warner Cable Inc as well as other partners to see how it can add great content to its set-top box before finally releasing it into the market.

Hitherto, Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been very successful in terms of receiving favorable response from the market every time it releases a new product. Its iPads, iPods, and iPhones get off the shelves immediately they are launched. Customers have no problem standing in queue for many hours and days waiting for the company to release new products at its stores around the globe. This will not be any different when Apple Inc finally releases the new set-top box. Apple Inc has excelled in marketing, and it will maintain the same high standards when it embarks on campaigns meant to make people familiar with the company’s new set-top box.

In summary, Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is on the right track to achieving its goals in 2014. Apple Inc hopes to introduce a new set-top box into the market that has a much faster and efficient processor than the previous version. It will also feature an interface that is more upgraded to give customers an easier time when navigating between TV shows, as well as movies, and other popular online content.

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