Tomahawk, WI 9/05/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one of the world’s leading electronics and Personal Computer Company. It is a California based company established in 1977 as Apple Computer Inc although it dropped the word “computer” from its name in early 2007. Apple has grown to be a major developer of hardware software and operating software all over the world providing its customers with one of the best experience.

AAPL previous main focus was on personal computer which is major shift nowadays as Apple mainly focuses on the production of iPhone iPad and iPod. Apple also sells and delivers digital applications and a good range of software’s through iTunes store, Apple store, iBookstore and Mac App Store

Trade ideas LLC has identified AAPL as a pre market stock leader with respect to some proprietary factors that have ensured its growth over the years. Trade ideas LLC has been able to note that AAPL has an average dollar volume as measured by average daily share of $5.5 billion. Trade ideas LLC also noted that AAPL traded a maximum share of 425.58 shares on the September 4, which was an up of 2.5% of the previous day.

The rating of Apple as a pre market stock leader has been attributed to the fact that it has been able to sell an average of 12.1 million shares per day for the past 30 days, more than any other company currently. Apple is estimated to have a market cap share of about $442.6 billion forming an essential part of consumer goods sector and consumer durable industry. Apple currently enjoys a beta of 0.75 and a short of 2.2% with a total of 1.86 days to cover.

The Company’s strengths are evident in multiple areas such as revenue growth with a large financial position that has one of the lowest debt levels. Apple is also currently enjoying high profit margins with a sizeable return on equity. AAPL’s revenue growth has also outpaced the current industry average of 0.6% to showcase its leading prowess in the stock exchange.

AAPL’s debt to equity ratio is one of the lowest in the market standing at 0.14 that is below that of industry average. This indicates Apple’s success in trying to cut considerably on its debts. Any successful business is usually measured in terms of its revenue and the amount of debts it has. AAPL is also one of the companies with a quick ratio of 1.54 that clearly demonstrates the ability of the company to cover short term needs adequately.

AAPL boosts of a 41.67% gross profit margin which is considered one of the strongest in the stock market. Its net profit margin stands at 19.53% which is almost equal to the current industry average. Apple also seems to have an upper hand when compared to other phone manufacturing companies as its return on equity exceeds that of the industry average also exceeding that of S&P 500. During the past fiscal year AAPL was able to increase its bottom line earning $44.16 compared to $27.67 the previous year.

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