Tomahawk, WI 11/12/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Considering how far Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has come to entrench itself as the pacesetter in the tech circles, the Cupertino-base company has now become a case study even for its rivals. Apple once upon a time was faced with dwindling fortunes in its PC business. But the company’s quick rebound came from foray into the mobile phone business, coming up with cutting-edge communications devices.

Now Apple’s overseas fortunes are growing. And even in the regions it had started faltering, signs of resurgence are everywhere. The tech giant is doing great with its iPhones. It holds about 37% of the U.S. smartphone market. This is a significant hold considering the red-hot competition in the market. While the company is seeking to penetrate the North American market more with its smartphone line which feature iPhone 5S and low cost iPhone 5C, its foray into the global market is also paying off.

A recent report indicated that the company’s iPhone sales in China, the world’s second largest economy was up, giving the Cupertino-based company 6% market share and climbing to the fifth position in terms of market share. While 6% market share in China is still too little for the company considering that it once held a bigger share of the market, this is significant as it reveals increasing interest in Apple smartphones among the Chinese. The company is seeking to increase its penetration into the market through its other line of devices such as tablets.

Successful foray into China and Japan

Besides increasing foothold in the Chinese smartphone market, Apple’s raid in Japan has been successful so far. The company now controls 36% of the Japanese smartphone market. The penetration of this market has been quite easy for the Cupertino-base tech giant considering the wealth levels of the Japanese. The Japanese tech market has also shown love for Apple’s iPad line which now controls 50% on the nation’s tablet market. The boost for Apple’s iPhone sales in Japan can also been seen in subsidies which the nation’s carriers offer on smartphones. Due to the subsidies, Japanese consumers are able to pay less for the devices and this is scaling up their uptake.

Now that the international market is nodding to Apple’s devices, the company’s resurgence is just a matter of time. Apple does not lack when it comes to innovative ideas. The company has effectively led the foray into turning mobile communication equipment industry on its head. Now it’s reported to be entering the wearable market which a smartwatch. Its tech archrival Samsung Electronic is already there with Galaxy Gear. Apple’s iWatch is expected later next year and considering the success that its latest technology has had in the smartphone industry, it’s almost certain that iWatch will be another high-end revenue source for the company. In efforts to boost its revenue sources, the company is also rumored to be working on smart TV which is expected to take the North American and the global market by storm. But even before these envisioned technologies see the light of the market, Apple is expected to post higher than Wall Street estimates in the next quarter.

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