Tomahawk, WI 10/25/2013 (BasicsMedia) – There is no contesting the fact that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) makes most of its money from iPads and iPhones. In fact, it has become a major global brand primarily due to its iPhones, which is among the most popular of all Smartphone devices around the world. It faces spirited competition from Google, which is the company behind Android, to dominate the Smartphone market. Nevertheless, if there is one thing AAPL is appreciated globally for, it is the fact that it is always on the news for all the right reasons. It is one of the most valuable stocks in the market.

AAPL Focuses on iPad, Mac Pro, MacBook Pros and Mac OS X Operating System

AAPL has now opted to place equal emphasis on revamping its iPad products just as much as it has done for iPhone, and relies on the latter heavily for revenue and profits. The company has also opted to focus on improving or introducing new updates to its MacBook Pros, which many investors believe it had neglected for such a long time. It is also focusing on introducing a brand new Mac Pro desktop that it hopes will take the market by storm and lead to better revenue and profits going into the future. It is also bringing new Mac OS X Operating System versions.

AAPL has placed a premium on its iPhone products in the past few years, bearing in mind that these products are responsible for a huge percentage of the revenue and sales it has collected. Where iPhone is concerned, AAPL’s chief competitor has been Google Inc, and this has forced Apple Inc top executives to hit out at Google on a regular basis, for a number of reasons. Recently the company’s top executives took a swipe at Microsoft, which used to be its major competitor a few years ago. Does this mean that AAPL is worried about Microsoft’s resurgence?

Why Apple Inc Cannot Ignore Microsoft

Microsoft has announced its intention to enter the tablet market, with its Surface products. It already has a presence in the Smartphone market with its Windows Phones. This is quite noteworthy bearing in mind that AAPL currently dominates these two markets. Other rivals such as Samsung and Huawei are also world renown as makers of some of the cheapest Smartphone devices. AAPL faces competition from various quarters and not only Google Inc or Microsoft, but I think it is more worried with the performance of these two firms more than all the others.

Apple Inc Offers Some of its Products Freely to End Users

Apple Inc has decided that it is best to provide some of its products to customers freely. This is one area where it performs much better than Microsoft whose Windows OS is still the only one in the market people spend money to buy. End users do not need to pay anything to start using Apple Inc\’s Mac OS X Version, which costs absolutely nothing. AAPL gives its clients the encouragement they need to upgrade to Mac OS X by eliminating all teething issues such as presence of bugs, and this is better compared to Windows 8 which very few are willing to use.

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