Tomahawk, WI 8/14/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) will acquire smaller technology companies at a steady frequency and is generally sotto voce about its intent and design. And so also, though the entire tech world will overplay Apple’s acquisition of, the Cupertino-based company is tight-lipped about the details of its latest acquisition.

Lets pan Matcha

Let’s just do a quick scan on It is an ex-iOS app that rendered a comprehensive overview of everything that was aired by cable TV providers like Comcast, streamed via video services such as Netflix, Amazon, Prime or Hulu or through digital video stores like Amazon or iTunes. In addition, it offered the functionality to manage everything you were watching, via a universal queue, patch with social networks, get video recommendations and also check what your friends are watching and “liking”.

The real value

This service tasted some stardom but was shuttered-down in May. The company did not furnish a plausible or even a logical reason then. Guy Piekarz the Chief Executive Officer had told Tech Crunch that the service had evanesced only temporarily and was moving along a new groove.

According to the VentureBeat grapevine, AAPL has acquired for approximately $1-$1.5M. The latter had seen brick-wall growth and was consistently listed on the Top-15 entertainment apps that were featured in the App Store. Keeping this aspect in view, there is a distinct possibility that the amount might just be more lead-footed than that.

What’s special about Matcha?

The company doesn’t really have any profitable patents or even an impressive user-base. However, it touts a dandy service that aligns all the content to your TV as well as online. AAPL hasn’t really been very unambiguous about its plans to refashion the TV industry. However, the fact that Apple has actually acquired the second-screen TV specialist, is evidence enough that the latter’s technology is shoulder to shoulder with its plans.

The key strategy maker

All the nihilists, doubters and scoffers have already begun postulating about what this acquisition implies. Apple has always been one to strategize, catalyze, and execute all its plans very deftly. Apart from that it has always been on top of the marketing game. Apple knows that one of the towering issues that cable subscribers face is tracking where exactly A la carte programming is stationed. Online TV, on the other hand denotes convenience and you don’t have to scour or forage the system for the program you want.

This is exactly what made great as a standalone app. However, the other face of this acquisition is that there really is no guarantee that Matcha’s technology will be as propitious on Apple TV. Those who have used the original Siri will vouch for the fact that personal assistance technology was far more flexible and capable then, than it is in its iOS-embedded version.

Axe that cable

I am not an Apple skeptic. Nevertheless, I have apprehensions about whether Matcha on Apple TV will allow me to view my subscriptions since it is in direct competition with iTunes. Despite all these little doubts, Apple’s gives me some hope. If Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is able to position the Matcha technology as strategically as it does everything else, it will be a cable-cutter’s dream come true.

I feel that in its own subtle way, Apple has learnt to ignore its critics and turned the ordinary into something remarkable. It has innovated in the visible hardware and excelled in the unseen software. From a consumer’s frame of reference it has always been able to justify its price and very importantly, it has spoken the language of its audience and built its tribe. It is a potent commixture of a design firm, a publishing company, a media platform, a computer maker, a mobile maker, a software powerhouse and a movement in its own right. Let’s just hope its Macha move is as macho as it wants it to be.

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