Tomahawk, WI 05/18/2014 (Basicsmedia) –Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:APPL) is bringing on a lot of action on its operational front including revised designs, procedures and operations. The changes are launched with an aim to amass more market share and better revenue growth.

Attempt to lift sales

With an aim to boost the sales figures of the company, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:APPL) has recently announced a new strategy to attract more customers. The announcement pertains to shortening the refund time thereby accelerating the process for online customers who are willing to return their previously bought products. Its strategy is an attempt to divert the online customers from other online stores. Thus, Apple is scaling towards achieving more market share of its online services in comparison to other online stores. Apple has partnered with FedEx 2Day to propel its refund strategy thereby leaping towards an effort to boost its sales figure.

Early Launch of iPhone 6

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:APPL) recently revealed its intention of launching its much awaited iPhone 6. Accordingly, the company has planned to launch the latest iPhone in the month of August as compared to the earlier decided month i.e. October. The step is taken as a reaction against the launch of rival models by the contemporaries. It has geared up its associates to start the assembly lines around June.

Moving towards Buying Beats

Apple has recently disclosed a bid of $3.2 billion to buy Beats Electronics, to make its mark in the music streaming and supplementing its “iRadio” service. The step is taken by the company o gain stability and transit from the domain of few startups. Beat Electronics is known for its headphone gear and music streaming and is seen as a potential sales booster by Apple. However, with the news, the industry is speculating and investigating the shareholder’s interest in the same.

Revamped OS X set to be launched

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:APPL)is all set to launch its newly redesigned version of OS X version that is claimed to be the most comprehensive of all the modes till date. The new look is inspired from the design cues from 203 while there has been no change in the fundamentals of OS X. Further; a recent OS X 10.10 is expected to have additional features including more white space and sharper corners. Apple has assured the desired satisfaction for the customers.

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