Tomahawk, WI 10/10/2013 (BasicsMedia) – LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) remains attractive to investors for various reasons. The company’s network effect is just as good as that of Facebook, which currently rules the social media industry. Since there are close to 300 million people already using LinkedIn to stay in touch professionally, there is real value in adding to these numbers. You won’t be the only one ion LinkedIn, and you are likely to benefit a lot from the professional contacts you make while on LNKD. This is just one of the reasons why investors haven’t given up on MLNKD yet.

 LinkedIn continues top be the preference of many people looking to be hired by employers. The trend has been upward since 2010 where close to 52% growth has been witnessed in this regard. In the same way, LinkedIn has been quite popular with employers who use it as the preferred choice where they get new employees. This has seen a growth of around 106% since 2010 to date. Therefore, when investors come across such facts, they realize that LNKD produces a very popular product, and is still valuable as a stock based on the attractiveness of its services.

LNKD has managed to remain attractive to investors because it has been posting earnings regularly and consistently. When you recall that the leader in the social media circles, Facebook, just went through a very rough one year since the launch of its IPO in 2012, you will be able to appreciate what LNKD has achieved all along. I’m sure that a time will come when LNKD will not be able to post earnings. Maybe when that happens, investors will either opt to retain their investments, or sell them and look elsewhere. On this evidence, investors have nothing to fear.

 LNKD remains attractive because it is not as expensive as what you would expect for a stock of this caliber. There will come a time when the company may fail to post earnings and the stock will be severely hit. When this happens, the company may probably be unable to attract the kind of prices it is enjoying now. I can’t see the prices settling anywhere close to where it is today though with stocks, you can’t say anything with 100% certainty. The fact that it is investing a lot of money to expand its services in emerging markets makes it even more attractive.

 One still needs to remember that LNKD has never stopped reinvesting in its business model. The company recently announced that it was reinvesting 60% f its revenues back into sales, product development and marketing. This is quite high considering that other similar companies such as Monster Worldwide are only reinvesting 21% back into marketing and promotion. The company continues to make money through three primary avenues, namely, offering talent solutions, providing market solutions and developing premium services.

 The talent solutions which the company runs have been making the most money for LNKD. It still has a lot of potential to make more money than LNKD has ever experienced before. These are just but a few reasons why I think LNKD has remained attractive to investors all this time.

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