Tomahawk, WI 11/26/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  Ariad Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:ARIA) is one of the premier pharma companies around the world, and produces some of the most effective drugs used in the treatment of cancer and other related illnesses. It is a major player in the field of oncology, having started by producing Iclusig, which was its first drug to be approved in the U.S and used to treat adults suffering from chronic leukemia. Ariad Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:ARIA) discovers, develops and commercializes drugs used in the treatment of all types of cancer, and distributes them in the U.S and around the world.

There is uncertainty regarding the effectiveness of some of its products, most importantly Iclusig, with some reports indicating the absence of any proof that patients suffering from chronic leukemia have got better after using it. This calls on Ariad Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:ARIA) to be aggressive in the way it does its marketing, and it needs to offer certain guarantees to its clients, both prospective and current so that none of them stops using Iclusig, or any of the other drugs produced by ARIA. Cancer is one of the deadliest killers, and drugs used to treat it should be among the best.

Iclusig may lose any approval it may be enjoying among oncologists who prescribe it to their patients, if Ariad Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:ARIA) fails to handle these claims in good time and offer reassurances to its clients. Not only that, but should these claims go unanswered, it is likely that the company will never succeed in fulfilling its promises to the clients who use its products. The cancer treatment industry could also suffer a great deal of damage, should the company fail to provide proof that Iclusig helps to improve cancer patients’ rates of survival once they start using it appropriately.

Marketing is very important for pharmaceutical companies. In addition to marketing, such firms need to go out of their way to reassure clients so that they change any negative perception they may harbor towards it, as well as its services and products. If clinical trials have confirmed Iclusig’s efficacy in the treatment of chronic leukemia, then Ariad Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:ARIA) has to publish it to the public, since by all indications, none is available. If patients have reported improvements where clinical signs and symptoms relating to leukemia are concerned, the company has to publish them too.

To its credit, Ariad Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:ARIA) has not stopped carrying out further clinical tests on Iclusig to determine its efficacy. Moreover, it needs to market this drug properly by indicating that Iclusig has been approved by Food and Drug Administration for use in the treatment of Ph+ ALL, as well as chronic myeloid leukemia. The fact that Iclusig reportedly has a number of side effects is another matter that Ariad needs to give attention to, in order to convince users that their health is not under any threat when using this cancer drug.

Overall, Ariad Pharmaceutical Inc (NASDAQ:ARIA) has a lot on its plate, but the main objective of everything it does is to help convince users of its products. None of its products is thus far as inspired as Iclusig, bearing in mind that it is supposed to help the fight against chronic forms of cancer.

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