Few weeks ago media outlets all over the nation were buzzing with the latest news that Vancouver is the highest crowded city in Canada, and 2nd most congested city in the North America region, staying just behind Los Angeles.

Well, being a commuter, everyone can definitely relate to this latest news. But, almost instantly many consumers’ mind might go into a problem solving mode. How exactly can we make this problem much better? As with any type of huge issue, there is no lonely, silver-bullet resolution.

There are undoubtedly substitutes to driving including walking, bicycles, and public transport services are the most noticeable choices. Regrettably, they cater only to the little fraction of public who reside within a particular range of their workplace or a transport center. The remainder of the public is looking to the auto industry for their everyday transportation solutions.

What actually enthuses most of the consumers about the present state of the auto industry is its broad diversity. Whatever your requirements might be, you can quite easily find a vehicle that has been particularly designed to meet your needs precisely.

General commuters are no exemption. Auto producers are really working hard to manufacture cars that offer better fuel economy rating, as low CO2 emissions as feasible, and great levels of interior comfort at almost all price points.

In the earlier period, to achieve greater fuel efficiency your car would be considerably small, less outfitted, and less relaxed, but not anymore, as there are many huge vehicles, with plentiful standard features, and well-built comfy interior cabin, that could return decent fuel mileage ratings on the present market.

Consider that the latest upcoming 2013 Fusion from Ford Motors is speculated to possess an optional start/stop system, which will close down the power train momentarily, whenever you are blocked in traffic, or a signal. This greatly saves your fuel, decreases CO2 emissions, and also permits you carpool in pleasing comfort.

On the backside, if you prefer a smaller car you can still gain Bluetooth, navigation, upgraded stereos, audio jacks, and also rear view cameras. This is not restricted to only one car producer either. The latest offerings from Kia, Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, and many more companies have all these standard options waiting to be selected.

You can also unite with the 170 individuals in British Columbia, who are reported to have gained advantage of nearly up to $5,000 incentive, and bought a new Clean Energy vehicle.

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