Tomahawk, WI 8/07/2013 (Basicsmedia) – As 2013 continues on, investors are now offered the chance to take a deeper look and re-evaluate whether their investments are paying dividends like they hoped they will, or not.  Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC), or Bank of America as it is more commonly known, is one such company where people are continuously asking a lot of questions. The main concern people keep raising up is whether BAC is a buy or sell type of investment. There are companies which have thus far, performed admirably while others haven’t. Let’s take a look at BAC to find out more on this matter.

How Has BAC Performed Thus Far?

Not many analysts are pleased with the manner in which BAC has gone about its business in 2013. Moreover, when you take a look at its financial results which have been released thus far, you would notice that they have been lackluster and there is very little to be optimistic about going forward. Things such as sales estimates were barely met based on the results of the last quarter. Then these lackluster results were published, BAC stock price fell by close to 5% thus offering a better indicator of just how displeased its shareholders were with this development.

Why You May Need to Sell Your BAC Stock

When you take a look at year-over-year sales growth for BAC, you will come to the realization that these are not expected to experience a major change. Unless there was to be some top line growth, the expectations indicate that there will be slight movement, or it will stay completely flat. Secondly, the earnings estimates for BAC are not expected to fare any better when the next financial results are released. The company is currently not ranked as highly as its competitors such as JPM and FITB, thus making it wise to consider selling the stock you already own.

Why You May Need to Buy BAC Stock

It is quite heartening to note that the bank’s major regional industry is still considered to be among the strongest. Moreover, the company is considered and often listed as falling within the top three positions in many aspects. This means there are a few things it is doing absolutely very well thus making it easier to invest in it by buying more stock. BAC is back on a good track considering that its earnings growth over the last financial year has been quite impressive. The company’s PEG, which is currently below 0.9, is much better than what you will get elsewhere.


This image, courtesy of, shows BAC’s year on year quarterly performance from 2012-2013.

Should BAC Stock Be Bought or Sold?

At the end of the day, it would be good for each investor to take a look at the reasons give above on whether to buy or sell, before making up his/her mind. There is a general belief in the market to the effect that BAC is on a rebound and therefore, will continue to perform very well, rather than post results which are disappointing to its thousands of shareholders. Regardless of what your aim for buying the stock were in the first place, you would need to look at them afresh to determine whether you are better off buying more, or selling what you already own.

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