BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) future looks uncertain as the board is reportedly looking to sell the company by November. This is a clear indication that things are not good in the onetime mega phone manufacturer. BlackBerry is looking for a quick sale considering the recent acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft in a deal worth $7Billion. This move is aimed at reviving this mega phone company that has been experiencing bad results in terms of sales over the past years.

BlackBerry LTD (NASDAQ:BBRY) board doesn’t want the recent acquisition of Nokia to have an impact in the final price that it will be forced to part ways with. The hurriedness in disposing the company is also aimed at maintaining a good perception of the company with investors and customers. News from wall street indicate that Microsoft is in the run as one of the potential buyers after it recently acquired Nokia although there are also other contenders. News of sale of BlackBerry begun in August as a committee of board members was formed to explore potential strategies to be used for the final sale.

It is not clear whether Blackberry will be disposed as a whole or in bits, with its Smartphone entity expected to be a niche player in the market. According to Bert Nordberg who is one of the board members at BlackBerry, there are subsets within the company they would wish to dispose rather than selling the entire company. Resent news indicate that investors from the US and Canada may be ready to put a bid through, some of the notable players interested in this deal include Canada’s Pension plan investment board, and Bain capital.

The deal to buy Blackberry is likely to involve more than buyer with each taking apportion of the company. Fierce competition from other competitors like Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co over the years has downed BlackBerry to the brink of collapse as its sales continue to dwindle. It is  worth remembering that BlackBerry once controlled half of the US market for phones specifically built for emails and web browsing, currently it only controls a mere 3% of the market share.

BlackBerry prospects have all but been dwindling over the past years with a major blow coming out of the devices – the all touch screen z10 and Keyboard –equipped Q10. These two Smartphone did not meet the expectation that BlackBerry had hoped in terms of sales. The downfall of Blackberry has all but been on a downward trail, its shares ones went for sale at a staggering high of $200 but are now languishing at $11 thereby underscoring the need for a quicker sale.

 BlackBerry sale could further be hampered by the announcement of a strategic review which is likely to push cooperates, enterprises and customers a back. The strategic plans announcement seems not to be going well with some BB hierarchy with Prem Watsa who is the CEO of its largest shareholder Fairfax Financial Holdings Resigning from the board. It is only a matter of a time before we see the end game of Blackberry to see if it will regain its lost glory with the proposed sale.

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