Tomahawk, WI 02/05/2014 (BasicsMedia) – On Tuesday, Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE:BSX)’s Chef Executive Mike Mahoney said that Medtronic Inc (NYSE:MDT) has paved way for rivals to carry on as it failed in the U.S. medical device study relating to the treatment of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a common disease which affects almost one-third of the U.S. adult population. Medical device makers have been in a constant look for opportunities to be the first to develop a treatment and the recent disappointment of Medtronic in one of the major clinical trials has given them just that. Boston Scientific has been working on coming up with its own device to treat the “silent killer”.

Renal Denevervation System

The device is called renal denervation system and it aims at reducing blood pressure by allowing constriction on blood vessels. The device would create small scars along nerves in the kidney which are linked with regulation of blood pressure. These targeted nerves are responsible for transmitting signals to the brain which will hence bring about the blood vessel constriction. As of now, the device developers are aiming to employ it on patients who have not responded well to standard medications.

While designing the U.S. clinical trial for the company’s product, Boston Scientific Corp (NYSE:BSX) is planning to begin from where Medtronic Inc (NYSE:MDT) left after its device failed to produce desired results. The company announced the failure results in January. Medtronic’s simplicity device’s ineffectiveness caught the surprise of many after the company jump started on the U.S. market. Mahoney said, regarding his own device, that at the beginning, the market will be slower, but it is expected to generate billions of dollars once the product delivers a trial.

Europe’s markets

Medtronic Inc (NYSE:MDT), whose device is still selling in Europe’s markets, will definitely face the consequences of the failure in the U.S. study. It can be safely expected that European cardiologists will not be very willing to offer its treatment to their patients now. Meanwhile, Boston Scientific Corp (NYSE:BSX) had made its own offering there in December and is quite positive about the technology’s potential.

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