Tomahawk, WI 7/31/2013 (Basicsmedia) – Someone is bound to find this question quite ridiculous in relation to Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), or Google as it is more commonly known. The assumption appears to be that GOOG is the dominant player in the market and its earnings are nowhere other local and international companies. It would be so easy to assume that GOOG has no equal in the sector and industry in which it operates, but is this really the case? If the answer is yes, the one would be safe and bullish to say that the company has already taken over the market. This article is an attempt at finding out whether GOOG has actually taken the market over or not.

Does GOOG’s Latest Results Indicate it Has Taken Over the Market?

Regardless of where you are in the world, you are likely to come across someone who has heard about Google, but probably only as long as they have access to Internet. GOOG makes most of its profits through ad clicks, which seem to have dropped by a massive 6% going by the latest financial results. When the results were announced, which were disappointing to say the least, GOOG experienced a drop of 5% in its stock. When you consider that its acquisition costs were very high, and increased compared to a similar period last year, you begin to appreciate the extent of GOOG’s financial performance.

Are Financial Results Enough to Determine Whether GOOD Has Taken Over?

Let me be the first to state that financial results aren’t or should never be the only criteria used to declare whether a company such as GOOG has taken over the market or not. There are other figures which are equally important and will help us to get a better understanding of how Google is performing. The company recently launched Chromecast at $35 to compete with Apple TV which goes for $99. It didn’t take long before Chromecast was completely sold out. Moreover, around 900 million Android devices have already been activated by Google.

GOOG also announced that close to 750 million people already use its Chrome browser worldwide. More people opt to use Chrome instead of other browsers due to its increased security, in addition to showing a preference for Google Maps over Apple Maps, and for Google Now instead of Siri. These are the options any owner of a Smartphone would most likely go for and leave the rest. YouTube is increasingly being used to watch videos on PCs, Smartphones and other gadgets. YouTube is also owned by Google. These details should be enough to convince you that GOOG is or has already taken over the market.

Even the market which has been occupied by Microsoft, which continues to maintain some sort of stranglehold on it, appears like it is gradually being eaten into by Google Docs. It is the diversification into different areas which is more likely than not, going to spearhead GOOG’s total domination of the market. Google X is its major lab where all sorts of innovations are carried out on a regular basis. It has become near impossible to avoid using any of Google’s products regardless of where you are. This will continue to boost its financial performance, which though not impressive, is better than the rest.

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