Tomahawk, WI 11/26/2013 (BasicsMedia) –  Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is a top performer in the financial markets these days. The company has now started making profits after a lengthy period of uncertainties, when no one knew what the future held for Facebook Inc. Now that its biggest rival in the social media world, Twitter Inc, has also gone public, there is a lot of interest on the reliability of FB for investors. Since the options are building up for investors, should they start looking elsewhere, or adding other stocks to their portfolios, and not being too dependent on Facebook Inc?

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has no choice but to make itself more attractive to customers, and close down all the loopholes that could convince prospective and current investors to bolt and go elsewhere. Now that other social media sites are stealing teens away from Facebook, the company has to look for solutions to ensure it does not lose a significant component of its client base. Playing catch up may work against Facebook, should it choose not to respond aggressively to the current happenings around it.

One of the most important issues to anyone using Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is privacy. It is not only important to regular users of Facebook but social media networks in general. When talking about reliability, this is what FB needs to focus on in order to reassure its users that their privacy is guaranteed, and that they have absolutely no reason to be worried. If ever Facebook was to lose its dominance of the social media to a rival company, probably a new one or any other that is already in existence, the issue of privacy will play a huge role in such a scenario.

However, people have abused the issue of privacy and used against social media sites such as Facebook quite a lot in the recent days. The truth is that no one can guarantee total privacy on any social media site, leave alone Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). If you doubt this, then it is probable that you have not come across certain agencies such as National Security Agency, and if you have, then you will attest to the validity of this statement. Secondly, if you have heard of people losing their jobs over what they posted on social media sites, this shows that many people than you know can see what you post on such sites.

The other issue that forces people to ask whether Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is as reliable as it is made out to be is that of security, which is also quite close to that of privacy. A site that cannot afford you some measure of privacy is most probably not as secure as you think. However, users of social media sites will attest to the fact if they feel less secure about any platform, they will measure what they post or say since they know their accounts can be accessed by anyone, especially government agencies such as National Security Agency, to mention but only a few.

Currently, nothing shows Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to be hopelessly unreliable as some people may impute. However, no one disputes the fact that the company can work on its products to increase the level of reliability people feel towards them.

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