Tomahawk, WI 9/23/2013 (BasicsMedia) – It seems as if JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) is losing money every single week. This loss is one which is hard to fathom bearing in mind that these are perhaps things which the company could very easily have stopped. An example of such a loss is where the largest bank in the U.S, with market cap of more than $2.1 trillion, has been asked to refund to its customers more than $300 million by the U.S bank regulators. This has been decided by the bank regulators who blame the bank’s practices and call them harmful to its customers.

 Extent of JPM’s Financial Losses

While a figure of around $300 million may not be considered as being too much for a company of JPM’s stature, when you factor in other losses, then it begins to take a worrying trend. The other major loss which the bank is forced to grapple with is in relation to the $920 million it has been asked to pay with regard to the infamous London Whale case. This is money which is supposed to be paid by JPM to clear the penalties passed on to it during the probe regarding its loss of close to $6.2 billion. Al these losses are not good for JPM’s reputation with investors.

 The decision to ask JPM to part with $920 million as penalties arose after it was determined that the top company executives were aware of an exercise carried out by a part of its staff to hide its losses. This was in direct violation of the laws regarding securities. This act mostly affected the company’s offices in London, more specifically, the chief investment office where these violations were reported. The results which were mostly affected by these violations were those of first quarter of 2012, thus forcing the company to restate the financial results for this period.

 JPM Pursues Debt Defaulters the Wrong Way

 In the other matter relating to JPM being asked to pay its customers $300 million, this was apparently decided upon after it emerged that the largest bank in the U.S had used the court to go after credit-card debts in a way which the bank regulators didn’t appreciate. Secondly, it  also emerged that customers were being told to certain fees which were allegedly to pay for credit monitoring services, which it was later discovered were never extended to them. Added to this is the fact that the bank is still facing a myriad other legal cases in court for various offences.

 JPM’s Determined Cases Offer it more Freedom

 What we may see as losses, the bank may be thinking of as being the end of matters it needed to resolve quickly so that it can focus on other things. The bank can now strike these two legal matters out of is diary and focus on other things. However, what can’t escape its investors and the public at large is that the bank has been forced to part with more than $1 billion in a single week. This is a huge sum of money, which the bank will need to look for ways of raising from other sources, lest it gets unwarranted attention for losing bigger percentage of its market cap.

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