Tomahawk, WI 10/07/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Noodles & Co (NASDAQ:NDLS) operates a casual restaurant concept where it serves its customers with both lunch and dinner. Its menus are globally inspired and are part of the reason why the company has done quite well of late. It has often been said that you can rarely go wrong with the food business and NDLS offers a perfect example of why this adage is held in high esteem. It owns or has opened close to 39 new company owned restaurants in addition to six franchise restaurants. Can it really be the best in providing casual dinners services?

 NDLS enjoys $1.2 billion as market cap. The company is currently on an expansion spree and 2013 has been one of its best years in this regard. This company is not an old operator in the public domain. It only started being run as a public company in June 2013. However, it has caught the eye of many restaurant lovers as well as industry experts with the quality and simplicity of its services. Its menu is not only simple, but remains one of the most attractive I ever laid my eyes on. Its biggest competition thus far remains Chipotle Mexican Grille.

 NDLS enjoys a small assortment of noodles and pasta which it provides to its customers. The variety is quite extensive though and one should not mistake the small assortment as a sign of lack of quality. It appears that most diners, who have tried out NDLS products and menu, mention that the pricing as well as use of fresh ingredients are the two main attractions which convince them to keep going back for more. The inclusion of a calorie counter has been deliberately added to make it easier for customers to order their customized meals.

 All dishes you will get at NDLS are priced around the $8 mark, which is quite affordable to many diners. The fact that the company’s top management once worked or occupied very high positions at Chipotle, has made it possible for NDLS to learn from the strengths and mistakes of its biggest competition. It is under the current management that the company has vowed to open up to 42 new company owned restaurants as well as 8 additional franchises in 2013 alone. This is clear indication that they believe in the restaurant’s viability as products.

 However, it still needs to work hard to increase its locations. It compares poorly to the 1,502 and 1,708 locations where Chipotle and Panera restaurants are located in the U.S. It has a long way to go if it is to catch up to those two industry giants, but it has the potential and right management who can provide the leadership it needs to get as close to the other two, or even surpass their achievements thus far. Noodles decision to focus more on the domestic market is yet one more thing which makes this a very attractive proposition to investors and diners alike.

 I see stock with a very good future, if the performance in the last 5 months when NDLS has operated as a public company is anything to go by.

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