Tomahawk, WI 8/06/2013 (Basicsmedia) – The medical technology company with presence in international markets, CareFusion Corporation (NYSE:CFN) appears to be presenting higher level of confidence to the investors with expectations mounting on the financial performance results to be announced for the 4Q2013 and FY2013 by this week. As the company would present its earnings reports, analysts are mounting their attention on this heavy potential stock to reap higher level of returns.

Earnings estimates for FY2013

While the company had managed to beat the analysts’ expectations with earnings per share at $0.59 for the previous quarter of this fiscal year with revenue generation of $901 million, it is expected that CareFusion would present earnings at $2.13 per basic and diluted share of the company for the full FY2013. On the other hand, the company had set its guidance for the financial performance of this fiscal year to be in the range of $2.11 to $2.21 per share.

Certification on Health IT program

Such heavy expectations on the earnings reports for the full fiscal year had been mounting pressures on this stock in the recent trading days. In another development in the healthcare industry, it had been announced that a healthcare certification program jointly developed by CareFusion corporation with seven other health IT vendors had been certified to be the first of its kind in health IT products. This healthcare certification program had been aimed at addressing one of the most challenging issues in the industry related to the incompatibility of numerous software and information technology systems.

With all such fundamental developments related to the business operations of the company, CareFusion had recently been at the helm of research reports of many analysts out there in the market. The shares of this medical technology company with presence in more than 20 countries had recorded a yield to date of 31.5% compared to the YTD of 14.4% reported by the broader market index of S&P 500. Further, the company had also been highly successful in the planned execution of its long term strategies aimed at expansion of the operating profit margins and thereby effective value addition to the shareholders.

Bottom Line

Further, the research analysts had been continuously increasing their price targets and ratings to the shares of CareFusion Corporation which is presently fixed at a consensus target price of $35.27 per share and an average buy rating from the analysts. While the company is presently trading at price levels below the 50 day moving average and above the 200 day moving average, the technical side of CareFusion Corporation also appears to be strongly supporting the average buy rating to the stock. All such bright prospects for this international player in the medical technology industry seem to add to the attraction of the stock to the investors.

With the announcement of earnings reports for the full FY2013 scheduled round the corner and with expectations on higher level of earnings piling up with every day of analysis from the equity researchers, the stock of CareFusion Corporation appears to be of highly attractive for a strong buy to the investors. The consensus price target is also on the huge upside potential relative to the present stock price of this company in the markets.

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