Tomahawk, WI 06/17/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Cheetah Mobile Inc (ADR) (NYSE:CMCM), a renowned mobile –internet company than shares its expertise and exquisite services to over 360 million active users across the world, announced on June 16, that its flagship security applications – CM Security and Clean Master, were duly awarded one of the top-drawn spots after the latest AV-Test’s assessments pertaining to security of Android devices.

AV Test Results

Both the CMCM security applications are available for quick and free download at the online Android store called Google Play. carried out assessments, keeping in mind certain specific parameters and features of the Android security solutions. Based on the capabilities and competencies to identify and veritably block protracting malicious programs, the apps have been rated,

Fourth Time In A Row!

It happened for the fourth consecutive year (and the fifth time) that both the CMCM apps – CM Security and Clean Master have been able to not only pass the assessments, but go along to clinch the top spots pertaining to overall usability and user experiences. Both the CMCM apps have achieved no fake reviews, no ostensible or false positives, and had 100% threat-detection  rates and high performances in the realms of CPU or data usage and power usage, down the years, consistently.

A Proud Moment

Sheng Fu, the honorable CEO of Cheetah Mobile Inc (ADR) (NYSE:CMCM) commented that android platforms are evolving into parlances for cyber criminals to target users in larger numbers. Hence, it is imperative to enhance and bring out quick and effective software solutions to ensure anti-cyber-attack insurgencies.

The CEO also shared how proud he feels after hearing about the test-results and vouched for continuing in this drive-for-deliverance of highly secured standards for its users across the world.

CMCM Shall Bag Surplus Profits

Clean Master works on ameliorating a device’s performance, whereas CM Security protects the devices from vulnerabilities. The latest test results shall further bolster increased free-downloads of the apps, thus driving CMCM’s profits from higher ad sales and download-revenues; consequently, Cheetah Mobile Inc (ADR) (NYSE:CMCM) is deemed to witness vigorous trade activities!

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