Tomahawk, WI 02/13/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Publicly traded companies are already releasing their latest financial results. Cisco Systems Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO) has not been left behind. It has just released its latest financial quarterly results in which it raised more than $11.2 billion in revenue. This was slightly higher than the $11.03 billion that analysts projected Cisco would post in the current quarter. Out of this, Cisco announced that its earnings were $0.47 for every share held, compared to the estimates of $0.46 per share. Therefore, it is clear that Cisco narrowly escaped and barely managed to do much better than what all the other analysts expected.

Cisco Systems Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO) posted profits of around $1.4 billion during the latest financial quarterly results. If you compare this with last year’s profits of $3.1 billion posted during the same period, you realize that Cisco never did half as well as it did in 2013. Cisco attributes this to the declining global economic situation, which does not appear to have changed or turned around as significantly as it wanted. Moreover, the company had to spend more than $655 million to remedy problems that arose from some of its pas products, such as memory components. If Cisco had not spent the $655 million on remedial measures, then its profits would have been much higher.

A close examination of the company’s results for the first six months of the 2014 fiscal year, it is interesting to note that Cisco Systems Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO) reported $23 billion in revenue. This is much lower than the $24 billion it reported during a similar period a year ago. Interestingly, the company also reported a net-income of $0.64 and $1 per share for GAAP and non-GAAP basis respectively. The company is more than happy with the latest financial results. Cisco’s top executives say that the company delivered what it was generally supposed to during this quarter. The company attributes this success to how it has transitioned from mobile, cloud, video and security.

Shareholders have every reason to be overjoyed with what Cisco Systems Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO) has announced. The company will raise its quarterly dividends by 3 cents bringing it to 19 cents for every share held. If you are a shareholder on record by April 3 2014, you will be entitled to receive the dividend of 19 cents per share on April 23, 2014. Cisco’s top executives announced that they succeeded in returning close to $4.9 billion to shares through dividends, which amounted to $900 million, and share buybacks, that amounted to $4 billion, during the first quarter of 2014. Therefore, shareholders of the Cisco stock have every reason to be excited with the return on investment this stock offers.

Not many corporate are interested in rewarding shareholders the way that Cisco is doing. Some of these major corporations are not rewarding their investors and shareholders in any way. In this regard, Cisco Systems Inc (NASDAQ:CSCO) has done remarkably well and will continue enjoying better investor confidence for the remainder of this fiscal year. One can only imagine how much return on investment in the form of dividends and share buyback investors will enjoy from this stock once the global economy starts recovering in 2014, as it is expected.

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