Northern, WI  12/7/2012 (BasicsMedia)  —  Good Times Restaurant (NASDAQ:GTIM) a Colorado based burger chain has been as volatile as a drunken waitress for most of 2012.  I was looking at the price action, and today shares are 43% higher on nearly 1 million shares traded (they normally trade 40,000) in today’s session.  This is big volatility for a small restaurant chain – but looking back – they had this type of volatility before, and back on April 2nd of this year shares went from under $1 – exploded to $5 per share over the next 5 trading days and by May 3rd they were back at $2 p/s.

The only  logical reason for the volatility is the fact that there is such a small float (and many owned by company insiders) that short sellers cannot get a borrow on the short sale and the bid to offer is so wide to enter or exit adding to the volatility.  This explains today’s action, and should have been obvious if you have been following them earlier in 2012 when they expanded the MarketCap 5 fold in just a few days.  Let the Good Times Roll Baby!!  Get in your seat and strap on the belts!! Were going for a ride!!!

I guess this begs the question?  Why would you invest in these other slow moving Beer Wagon stocks like McDonalds (NYSE:MCD), Yum! Brands (NYSE:YUM) or even Chipolte (NYSE:CMG) who has some volatility itself in recent quarters.  Where’s the Beef  at Wendy’s (NYSE:WEN) …and AppleBee’s (NASDAQ:APPB)?

Commenting on the sales trends, President & CEO, Boyd Hoback said, “While our sales increase from prior year trend softened up a bit due to tougher prior year comps in the fourth quarter, we are very pleased with our continued progress and are really excited about our recent results, particularly given competitive trends in the industry.” Regarding November’s larger sales trend increase, he added, “We completed the rollout of our new Hatch Valley Green Chile $2 Breakfast Burritos in the month of November and sales have already hit our initial target. We have come to market with a highly differentiated, unique offering that is simple to execute and very labor efficient, yielding a low breakeven point and significant upside in profitability, even at current sales mix levels.”

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