Tomahawk, WI 10/16/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA)’s market cap currently stands at $122.39 billion. This makes it one of the most valuable entertainment providers in the world. It also enjoys global recognition as a top provider of information and communication products and services. It has several national cable television networks. Some of the companies it competes with in this industry include Twenty-First Century and The Walt Disney Company. CMCSA is quite innovative and this helps it to stay ahead of the competition thus increasing its value to investors.

CMCSA To Connect Twitter Users to Television

CMCSA recently announced that it is in talks with Twitter to see how their customers can be connected to TV. This deal will make it easier for customers on Twitter to connect to TV shows of their choice at the click of a button, and in real time. This deal will also help subscribers to organize their lives much better, since they can set alarms and record their favorite TV shows. The goal of this deal is to encourage users to watch more shows thus driving their ratings up. It is a deal that benefits CMCSA and the respective shows as well as Twitter.

CMCSA’s Customers to Increase Their Loyalty

CMCSA stands to gain more since its customers will increase their loyalty to this company. Its subscriber base is also likely to increase a great deal. The result is that CMCSA will see its revenue increasing quite substantially over the coming months. However, it cannot take this growth for granted lest its revenues stick only at one level. It has to find ways through which it can introduce more value-added services if it expects to see substantial growth in its revenue and subscriber base. CMCSA will introduce this product in 11 of its Universal television networks.

The deal between CMCSA and Twitter has great potential. It opens up new opportunities through which the two companies can increase their revenue. If there are people who are yet to sign up to Twitter, they will be convinced or encouraged to do so through this deal. I believe that this deal is just the tip of the iceberg. This is wonderful news for Twitter as well, which is only a month away from the launch of its IPO. Twitter’s IPO is the most anticipated in 2013 and the deal with CMCSA will do wonders for its prospects as it looks forward to next month.

CMCSA Services To Boost Its Client Base

CMCSA’s networks have improved over the last few years. The speeds are now much higher than they ever were in the past. Its services are enjoyed in close to 39 different states in the U.S, but I foresee a situation where the demand will increase because of the deal with Twitter. Its fiber optic network is the largest in the U.S, covering more than 140,000 miles. Close to 180 million people in the U.S, use Smartphones for various purposes. This is another market that CMCSA can cater for, and see its prospects grow beyond their current levels.

When the deal between CMCSA and Twitter eventually becomes a reality, I foresee the former’s numbers shooting over the roof. It is a smart marketing and strategic move by the two companies.

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