Award winning gospel artist Deitrick Haddon has finally opened up about his marriage with fellow gospel singer Damita Haddon. He took to his twitter account Tuesday to come clean on speculations that had been under wraps for almost a year now.

Haddon had within the past few years become a household name in the gospel fold and recently is on a tour to Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Ghana. However there have been speculations surrounding his marriage to Damita. The two have not been seen together in public for a while and it is believed that they don’t live together anymore.

Haddon kicked off replying a tweet from one of his fans; “If I was that powerful of a man of God I would still be married 2 Damita. I’m learning to have balance. You can win & lose @ the same time!!” Haddon disclosed.

The tweet spurred a flurry of questions from fans who were shocked at the information. “It is possible to work so hard & be so driven that you lose everything!! I pray that in the future I find the balance of ministry & family.”

When asked about Damita, he said she was doing well. “Damita’s doing well!! I’m doing fine! Her new cd is amazing. We both are staying true to the call on our lives. Unfortunately not 2gether :/”

“I don’t believe in sharing my personal but I think it’s important 4 people to know that in your pursuit of ministry don’t lose family!!” he continued.

He also said the news of their separation was not new. “However we are doing fine…its very old news for Damita & I but brand new news to you. We are private people! However we have moved on!!!”

“Last I will speak on my personal; Our breakup is NOT recent! It’s been well over a year process. We have both been (sic) have repented & moved on!! Damita & I have worked hard in ministry. Blessed many while bleeding ourselves! God is with us both but no longer as a couple!”

Haddon then said he may never talk about the issue again. “Ok..I’m very personal about my private life. You won’t probably won’t (sic) get me 2speak on this again unless God make me share the testimony!”

He ended the series of tweets with “I’ve learned giving some folk information is like putting an Ax in the hands of a murderer! LOL No interviews & No questions!! Love ya ”

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