Tomahawk, WI 07/09/2014 (Basicsmedia) – The Dominican Republic was privileged with 10 years of uninterrupted service from Delta Airlines Inc. (NYSE:DAL) which successfully competed on 8th July, 2014. The airline confessed that this region played a key and vital role in growth and development of the company. This region is a place of tourist attraction between the United States and the Latin America which proved its mettle with the growth of the company.

Word from the regional manager

Maria Fernanda Price, Caribbean Delta’s regional Manager expressed the consent of company to extend offering their service with increased efficiency and lead to the betterment of both the region and organization. Delta Airlines Inc. (NYSE:DAL) is looking forward to increase its network in this region. The company’s momentum has been maintained steady with the service offered of connecting various US international hubs with the Dominic republic.

Increased connectivity

Recently Delta Airlines Inc. (NYSE:DAL) has expanded the connecting service with 4 daily flights between Santiago and Santo Domingo to JKF – New York, as the scenario demanded. Travelers originating from the Dominican cities will be privileged with enhanced terminal 4 at JKF. The current enhancement and expansion of the terminal resulted the company to spend around $1.4 billion. The terminal is planned with state of art facilities for the customers visiting the Caribbean city from the Dominican Republic.

Tourist’s spots in Dominica have enhanced commutation

Atlanta hub is also well connected to Santo Domingo with the aid and assistance of Delta Airlines with a daily flight. Dominican travelers have access to 224 destinations that are made possible with the help of 950 daily flights. There are even numerous flights that operate nonstop towards 66 international destinations. Another destination that attracts travelers is the Punta Cana which is a seasonal tourist spot. Delta operates flight to this region that starts from JKF New York and the frequency of these flights vary in accordance to season depending upon the requirements.

Bottom line

Delta Airlines Inc. (NYSE:DAL) has an agenda to constantly and rapidly enhance customers experience with the airlines. For achieving this, the company has invested billions of dollars to improve on board service by remodeling its fleet and including light meals in the economy class and also ergonomically designed comfortable seating.

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