Tomahawk, WI 10/21/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Smartphone sales is one of the reasons why this company ahs been doing remarkably well in the recent years. The U.S remains AAPL’s largest market and is where it gets its largest share of revenue and profits. AAPL has dominated in the sale of Smartphone gadgets in the U.S. although this appears to be changing, if the latest third quarter of 2013 Smartphone sales’ figures are anything to go by. It faces intense competition from other companies with cheaper Smartphone gadgets compared with AAPL’s prices.

AAPL Facing The Biggest Threat from Samsung

The biggest threat to AAPL’s dominance of the Smartphone market in the U.S is from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. These two companies compete both locally and globally as well. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners has issued a report that indicates Samsung’s dominance of this market in the third quarter of 2013. Some people may not think of 38% market share against 34% as dominance, but these are the fine margins used to evaluate companies operating in this industry. Samsung’s market share is 38% while AAPL’s is 34 % for third quarter of 2013.

AAPL and Samsung are way ahead of the other Smartphone manufacturers such as Nokia (3%), Motorola (4%), BlackBerry (2%), LG (8%), and HTC (8%). Other Smartphone makers enjoy market share of 3%, thus indicating that Samsung and AAPL, in that order, solely dominate the U.S market. This is only limited to the third quarter of 2013, and it may change going forward depending on what the two companies decide to do. Marketing and increasing brand awareness in addition to introducing innovative products is crucial to complete dominance in this industry.

Factor Responsible for AAPL Poor Smartphone Sales in Q3 of 2013

I do not think that this trend will continue into the next quarter. I think AAPL will regain its place as the most dominant maker of Smartphone gadgets in the U.S. One reason why Samsung overtook AAPL in this market is customers’ decision to put their iPhone purchase on hold until both iPhone 5S and 5C were in the market. Now that the two latest iPhone devices from AAPL are already on the market, I see Apple Inc overtaking Samsung in the near future. In October 2012, AAPL held top position over Samsung as it prepared to carry out the launch of iPhone 5.

The other reason why I think AAPL will regain total dominance over this market is that it is ranked in the first place in terms of providing Smartphone satisfaction. Every category used to determine the best in the Smartphone market, inevitably ends up comparing AAPL and Samsung almost every single time. These two companies dominate this market and they keep interchanging positions. An example is the U.S Smartphone market that Samsung has dominated in the third quarter of 2013. Apple Inc dominates the Smartphone satisfaction category.

Therefore, based on this information, the main competitor that Apple Inc has to contend with in different categories, regardless of the market is Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Its Smartphone products are loved across various carriers, including Verizon Communications Inc and AT&T Inc.

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