Tomahawk, WI 10/09/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Frankly speaking, no matter who you talk to, you are likely to come across people who believe that the Internet is Google. This is proof of just how the company has grown to be the dominant force in the world of Internet. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is now looked at, and rightly so, as the dominant technology company in the entire globe. The company might have started off as a search engine, but it has morphed into several other industries including health care, and wellness which are nowhere near technology or IT-related. Does it face any threats?

 There isn’t a single company in the world, not matter how large of a brand it is, that doesn’t have to contend with threats. The question which needs answers is whether these threats have the capacity of overhauling the company. Therefore, when talking about the threats which GOOG has to contend with, we need to find out if these threats are able to overhaul the company or not. It may be unable to enjoy penetration in all markets, but it has enough presence to give it a very strong foothold. The company is a leader in many different markets all over the world.

 When you travel all over the world and visit areas such as Oceania, Europe and North America, you will discover that GOOG is the dominant name. It is the most visited website across these three regions. However, travel to other areas and you will see a different name. Facebook dominates the market in terms of being the most visited website in areas such as North Africa, Middle East and within a large percentage of the Spanish-speaking Americas. In Africa, GOOG’s name is dominant in Nigeria, Madagascar, South Africa and Kenya.

 While still in Africa, you will notice that GOOG faces serious threats from Facebook in countries such as Ghana, Sudan and Senegal. Based on these figures, it is safe to say that GOOG’s biggest threat comes in the form of Facebook. Just like GIOOG changed everything we know about the Internet when it emerged, Facebook has also managed the same feat in the few years it has been in existence. Nowadays, many people equate their Internet experience with nothing other than visiting Facebook and staying in touch with their friends all over the world.

 Traveling to China or South Korea, will show you that the most frequently visited site in the two nations is Baidu. Russia’s most visited site is Yandex. In Japan and Taiwan, Yahoo remains the most popular website. This trend is replicated in many other markets or regions all over the globe. GOOG cannot afford to rest in its laurels and I think this is the reason why it has been busy diversifying its services so that it doesn’t need to rely on money it obtains from the Internet-related services and products only. This is a powerful strategy.

 GOOG enjoys a competitive edge over many other companies and it is still attractive both in terms of products and as a stock. This will continue for a much longer time.

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