Northern,WI 10/29/2012  (BasicsMedia) –  Sandy is taking its toll already and have prompted a bunch of U.S. companies to postpone their quarterly earnings reports. Most of these were scheduled for today but hurricane Sandy has now caused the first unplanned shutdown of financial markets since 2001.

Lets take a look at some of the companies which will be delaying reporting until later this week or next. Pfizer Inc., Thomson Reuters Corp. and NRG Energy Inc. are among those holding financial reports until later this week. Pfizer and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc.,were due to report Tuesday, but will now do so on Thursday. Thomson Reuters is now scheduled to  report Friday along with NRG and McGraw-Hill Cos. who were supposed to report on Wednesday.

Here are some of the others to change.

*Power provider Entergy Corp. will report on Nov. 5 instead of Tuesday.

* Biopharmaceutical Acorda Therapeutics Inc. will report results on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

*Maintenance products distributor MSC Industrial Direct Co. will report results on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

*Satellite radio provider Sirius XM Radio Inc. will report on Thursday instead of Tuesday.

*Office Depot Inc. will report on Nov. 6 instead of Tuesday.

*Mortgage insurer Radian Group Inc. will report earnings on Thursday instead of Tuesday.

This list is not all of the companies which are delaying their reports. There are at least 10 other companies which have also announced that they will delay earnings announcements.

Sandy is also affecting the exchanges as The New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and CME Group in Chicago are closed Monday and it appears they will most likely close on Tuesday as well. It has been since the twin towers fell on Sept. 11, 2001 that NYSE has been closed for anything but a holiday and the  last time it closed for a weather event was in 1985, when Hurricane Gloria hit the East Coast.

If the exchange stays closed Tuesday, it would be the first weather-related consecutive-day closing since 1888, when a blizzard left drifts of snow as high as 40 feet in New York.

Parts of lower Manhattan near the Financial District are under mandatory evacuation orders. By midday today water from New York harbor was already coming over barriers at Battery Park, just south of the New York Stock Exchange.

Those conditions are expected to worsen over the next two days as the storm surge intensifies and possibly hang around for a couple of days as it stalls when converging cold fronts clash with it.

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