Tomahawk, WI 8/20/2013 (Basicsmedia) – EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) offers a lot of technologies which are designed to provide innumerable solutions to the Information Technology industry. The IT industry is one which has a constant need for the best information infrastructure in addition to virtual technologies which improve the users’ experience. This is the task which faces EMC and it has a lot of work to do in this field, considering that it is one of the market leaders in the industry. As the world of IT embraces what is now referred to as cloud computing, EMC will experience more growth.


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EMC Must Diversify To Remain Market Leader

EMC has the capacity to be one of the biggest companies in the near future. It has reached a stage where it can’t be considered as only a supplier of storage data, but has diversified into other categories as well. The company has numerous subsidiaries under which, some of which it wholly owns. It has to go over and beyond what it has always provided in order to keep up with its two major competitors, International Business Machines (IBM) and Hewlett-Packard (HP). Its P/S share is the best out of the three companies listed here, which are EMC, IBM and HP.

EMC Presence in China May Be Curtailed

EMC has grown to be such a massive company, and has a good presence in the Chinese market. There are concerns regarding whether the company will succeed in coming out of the investigations being undertaken by the Chinese government as to whether it is innocent in the Edward Snowden case, where it has been flagged together with IBM and Oracle. There is a slight possibility that EMC could suffer if it is found guilty by the Chinese government. The authorities might decide to throw it out of the Chinese market, hence denying it the much needed revenue.

EMC Is A Good Stock For Technology Investors

If you love investing in technology and companies which are major players in this sector, EMC should be part of your portfolio. This is one of the fewest sectors which carry a massive potential for growth going forward. Some analysts are of the opinion that this sector is immune to financial crisis such as the one which hit the global economy in 2008. In my view, the company can still do well even where the economy isn’t performing as well, because of the type of customers it serves, but it has not immunity against horrible economic fortunes anywhere.

EMC’s ability to attract and reassure its investors lies on whether it can take the top spot in the industry. If it can work hard on its operations and products, thus being able to be the dominant force in the industry, it will be on its way towards increased revenue and profits, which would be great news to its investors. As the increased usage of flash technology builds up worldwide, what cannot be in doubt is the fact that companies which offer data storage services, such as EMC, are bound to reap a windfall.

As EMC continues to make more acquisitions with the goal of getting a better foothold in the market, this will give it a platform towards achieving sustainable increase in revenue and profits. This is the industry which appears set for growth in every sector, presently and in future.

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