Tomahawk, WI 8/07/2013 (Basicsmedia) – END is in the hands of some major direct holders such as Steelhead Partners LLC, GMT Capital Corp, Steelhead Navigator Master L.P, SMEDVIG QIF Plc, and Seitz John N. It has a number of top institutional and top mutual fund holders as well. It is a major player in the independent oil and gas industry where its services and influence are mostly to be felt in the U.K North Sea and the U.S onshore.

Its interests in this industry are mostly carried out through its fields in Alba, Bacchus, and Rochelle, which are all in the U.K. In the U.S, it owns fields in Pennsylvania Marcellus, Haynesville in Louisiana and Heath Shale in Montana.

Is this Rise in Shares Due to better Financial results?

One can argue that the latest financial results as published by END are either bad or good. If you take the view that the reduction in losses from $17 million to around $12 million is a positive thing, then it is well to say that the company has benefited from a huge improvement in its latest financial results. However, the fact that losses were made in this period, could be interpreted to mean that the company didn’t benefit in any way thus making it bad news.

It would be prudent to say that END enjoyed better sales this time round compared to a similar period last year. END reported that it had succeeded in increasing its sales from 4,677 barrels of oil equivalent per day to more than 14,400. This was quite a significant improvement is a clear demonstration that there is hope for the future. The company looks forward to commencing its first production at Rochelle, while looking for ways with which to improve its Alba operations.

END ha also reported that it is about to start production from the development work which was carried out in its Bacchus B-1 plant. This is bound to excite more investors and industry analysts thus boosting the performance and making it better than it has been up to this point. The U.S is reputed to be on the verge of a major revolution in terms of natural gas and oil production, and when this happens as it is being projected, companies such as END will be major beneficiaries.


Image shows the production of natural gas in the U.S.

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Is END Stock Good for Speculative Investors?

If you love speculative investments, you will find END to be quite ideal for you. However, for the average investor, this might be too much for him thus inappropriate. There is belief that the stock is yet to reach the record 52-week highs which it posted a while back. If it were to get anywhere near those highs, it would present a perfect opportunity to any investor interested in making some money.

However, I would recommend something very different from what other analysts are saying. If you already own stock from END, you should not sell but hold on to them. Holding on to this stock is something which I would advice anyone interested in my considered opinion. It is better to hold on to them and wait until END has serviced each of its properties and is in full production to see which direction the price would move before doing anything else.

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