Court documents have revealed that ISL the now collapsed marketing company paid bribes in huge sums to former FIFA president Joao Havelange.

The report said the 96 year old Havelange received at least £986,000 and his former son-in-law executive committee member Ricardo Teixeira at least £8.4m. The Swiss prosecutor’s report reveals the pair may have received up to £14.4m. So far the two are the only ones mentioned in the report.

Havelange was the organization’s president for 24 years before Sepp Blatter replaced him in 1998. The 96-year-old is currently being treated for septic arthritis.

David Larkin, co-director of ChangeFifa said the fact that the current FIFA President Sepp Blatter might have been aware of the incident is worrying;


“The idea that he [Blatter] may have been aware of what was going on is deeply troubling. If he knew that the bribery was occurring and everyone right now is reading the document to try and understand who knew what and when. If he was aware of the bribery then he’s part of the problem.”

Switzerland’s Supreme Court ordered the release of the documents identifying which senior officials took millions of dollars in payments from ISL, Fifa’s marketing partner until it collapsed into bankruptcy in 2001.

The documents concerning Havelange also revealed that officials repaid £3.6m to end the prosecution office’s investigation on condition their identities remain secret.

Fifa president Sepp Blatter said in October 2011 that he wanted to release the ISL dossier, despite his organisation seeking to deny access to its contents at the same time.

FIFA released in a statement;

“Fifa is pleased that the ISL non-prosecution order can now be made public, This decision by the Federal Court is in line with what Fifa and the Fifa president have been advocating since 2011, when world football’s governing body announced its commitment to the publication of the ISL non-prosecution order.

“The decision of the Swiss Federal Court also confirms that only two foreign officials will be named as part of the process and that the Fifa president is not involved in the case.”

Teixeira, Havelange’s former son-in-law, resigned from his Fifa executive committee seat, on health grounds as well as personal reasons according to him.

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