Tomahawk, WI 01/07/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was humiliated when it tried to buy Snapchat, the mobile messaging app that has been stealing teens from its network. The company offered $3 billion to purchase the startup but its owners flatly refused. It now emerging that may be earlier overtures by CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have spoiled the deal.

It is emerging that Zuckerberg started making contact with Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat as early as 2012 and proceeded to try to scare him that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was going to launch a similar service a few days. Perhaps that was meant to kill Snapchat in the buds, but it only served to take it to other levels.

When it became clear that Snapchat was not taking the scares seriously, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) plotted to by the app. For this, Zuckerberg flew out to meet Spiegel again in 2013 to discuss a purchase deal. But again this only served to show Spiegel and his team that they had an edge.

As it turned out, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) made about $2.5 billion bid for the company and then raised its offer to $3 billion, however, all that flopped and the giant social network recoiled in shame to restart is own app Instagram. So what is Snapchat planning for the future and could it be the next big thing for investors?

Way forward

As it seems, Snapchat is not interested in a hurried deal with any buyer. While the reason that was initially given for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) rejection was that there was already a deal in the making between Snapchat another Chinese company, it all looks like Snapchat is keen on first building a base before considering a purchase deal with that will ever be viable.

It is easy to see that Snapchat is trying to become another Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Well, not that it is hoping to surpass Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in user-numbers, it is trying to make a big step once it has acquired a critical mass. After this it can either choose to list as company or go out on sell to any company that could be interested to acquire it. This is the same thing that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) did when it started a decade ago.

The company first built its user-base and only launched as a publicly traded company after surpassing 1 billion subscribers. This was important for the company considering that its predecessors such as MySpace and Friendster lost their glory due to user exit. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) avoided this problem by ensuring that it had a bigger number of which even if some where to leave, it would not be shaken.

If this could be the plot at Snapchat, then we can not rule out Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) making yet another takeover overture when the situation allows.

The journey

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) marks its tenth anniversary this year. This is happening at a time when the company is enjoying all its moments in business. It is the largest social network on the planet and it has had a good stock rally.

The company continues to add more users to its network and advertisers are flocking in with their dollars to take advantage of the marketing opportunity that it offers.

The stock is now trading at around $57.20 per share, after launching at $38 per share in May 2012 and sinking to $17.78 per share in September 2012.

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