Tomahawk, WI 9/25/2013 (BasicsMedia) –What an eventful last one year it has been for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). This is one stock which was suffering a lot only a year ago and everything seemed bleak and pointing to an uncertain future. A year later, things appear to have taken a turn for good and the company is reportedly one which is back on the favored list of investors. It seems that the areas which the company worked very hard on to see this positive change were with its advertising revenues as well as mobile strategies. It owes a lot to the positive changes it experienced in both issues.

 FB and GOOG Dominating Online Ad Business

Two companies which are dominating the advertising field include FB and Google. No one else comes close to this two in revenue collected from advertisers. Advertisers appear willing to entrust their ventures to FB because this is one platform which gives them access to more than 900 million monthly users. This is the kind of audience they can’t get elsewhere, and the advertisers are showing their appreciation by pouring more advertising money into FB. This is money which FB has lapped up and reinvested back into coming up with better products.

 The online advertising market in the U.S is quite huge and there is a lot of money to be made in this industry. It is a fact that the market has grown from the $31.7 billion it made in revenue in 2012, to an impressive $36.6 billion, thus representing an increase of close to 15.5%. A bigger chunk of this revenue is enjoyed by two companies; Facebook and Google. These two global brands are doing much better and are far ahead of both Yahoo and AOL, which occupy the nearest spots to the two giants. Google enjoys 95% of the $19 billion revenue from search.

 Facebook to Reap from the Increased Online Ad Business

The online ad business has grown in leaps and bounds and is bringing a lot of revenue both to FB and Google as well as many other companies. In 2003, this industry was worth $7 billion, compared to the $36 plus revenue it is attracting in 2013. During the same period, it is noteworthy that money from search was approximately $2.5 billion compared to the current amount of around $19 billion. This is one area where there is still a lot of potential for a company of FB’s size, stature and ambition to continue making huge amounts of money.

 FB is also still interested in pursuing ventures which will give it increased revenue from, online video ads. This is a market, which together with television ads, is worth close to $70 billion and FB intends to gain a share of this market. FB is already working hard to come up with a new video platform designed for the digital arena, especially geared for the social media network. This will make it easier for people to post videos on FB, and choose to do so with or without the sound depending on each individual’s preference. This would help it with online video ads.

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