Tomahawk, WI 01/09/2014 (BasicsMedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is seriously trying to ramp up its mobile platform. Considering that mobile usage is expected to overtake desktop usage, this move is a step in the right direction. Facebook has been successful in transforming itself from a desktop based website to one running smoothly on mobiles, particularly smartphones. Smartphones sales have already overtaken PC sales and this trend has caught many big names in the IT sector on the wrong foot.

Importance of Little Eye

Apart from the fact that Little Eye is the first Indian acquisition of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), there is a lot this acquisition can help Facebook. Users use social media platforms like Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and relatives, share their experiences and also stay on top of news, particularly social news. Several studies have shown that internet users spend a good amount of time on such social media platforms. Increasing sales of smartphones have ensured that such users can also access these sites on the go; generally during the long commute to and from their workplace.

Advertisers are increasingly turning to social media platforms to sell their products. There are 900 million monthly active users of Facebook, many of them use Facebook quite regularly and spend more time on such sites than on any other. This pie is a very big one for advertisers to ignore. Again, advertisements can be targeted based on user, location or other preferences. Such a facility cannot be offered by any other media source.

Smartphones present a dilemma as the screen size is smaller and if the content takes a lot of time to load, users tend to be put off. The apps should also not use up a lot of network data, many smartphone users have multiple apps running simultaneously. Little Eye has developed technology that can analyze, monitor, and measure the apps. The software can estimate the app’s usage and also memory, and network data consumption. Though available only for the Android platform, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) can develop its iOS version and even extend it to the Windows operating system.

Small Fish, Big Work:

Little Eye also came in cheap by Facebook’s standards. The company seems to have been paid $10-15 million only. It is only 18 months old and employs only 10 people. But Facebook can utilize the software to design and develop apps that load faster, use less memory and also look at the trends and analyze the behavior.

Sometimes small steps can result in big savings.

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