Tomahawk, WI 06/25/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has managed to lure investors in great numbers into buying its shares, on account of a number of reasons – primarily the FIFA World Cup 2014 keeping Facebook trending and agog in activities and larger internet usage. Moreover, FB has a plethora of plans to augment its digital advertisement industry.

Application Based Advertisement Deemed To Rise!

Analysts predict that FB is spanning well, at a far too fast pace than anticipated. Rumor mills around that FB is right on track to capture more than 13% of the global advertisement market from its applications like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Android App, etc.

Apart from that, FB think-tank has devoted their attention in luring the attention of the people in greater and better numbers. The trending topics most-discussed, links to a myriad FB games or videos appear as sidebars. It is imperative that FB seeks to ameliorate its performance, improving its experience by a wide gamut in the upcoming days.

Tailor-made News Feed Options

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has also worked proficiently on cleaning the news feed and show up only the contents of a user’s choice that s/he agrees upon viewing, at the right time of the day, and is quite relevant to them! Videos are important facets of news feeds to lure users. Statistics reveal that FB has almost twice the number of users of late, as that compared to merely six months back.

News Feeds Showing Better Videos

On June 23, FB announced about its goal to bolster the video-ranks and share a myriad relevant videos with the right target audience, suiting the prominent interests. A nature of any video, the frequency of watching the same, the overall outlook of the people encompassing the likes, comments or organic shares should be borne in mind while segregating the ideal videos for one’s news feed. Further, those videos that are skipped most are also considered as an important parameter in the realm of segregating the ideal video links for a user’s news feed.

Value For Investments

Certainly, with the Fifa World Cup fever on, the exquisite updates on the videos that show up on the news feeds will definitely lure more numbers of end-users, assuring the advertisers of a fair exposure; thus Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) ensures notching up the best revenues, warranting the stockholders that they would have sufficient value for their investments.

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