Tomahawk, WI 10/29/2013 (BasicsMedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) may be in line to pay a penalty totaling $41.6million on its botched initial public offering (IPO), this is after the Financial Industrial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) completed analyzing claims that Facebook may have messed up with the offering. According to the report, FINRA is quoted as saying there are valid claims from the offering totaling $41.6 million of which Facebook is expected to respond to, before the final decision on the matter is made. The revelation on the matter came from Nasdaq OMX group of which its stock members are expected to receive compensation on the basis of the analysis.

 The $41.6 million claims covers all the sell-orders which Facebook had placed on 18 May 2012 at a price of $42 or less. The claims also cover all sell-orders that were executed under the $42 mark and all the claims that were executed even though they were not immediately confirmed. Facebook went public on May 2012 a day in which there was software problems on the NASDAQ exchange that made share prices be displayed incorrectly. This hitch in NASDAQ software made some investors lose their money. The claims by FINRA have had a major impact on the highly anticipated Twitter IPO with the company being forced to be highly conservative on their valuations and statements.

Is Zuckerberg the most paid CEO?

 He is not only the youngest most paid CEO, Zuckerberg has done it again topping the list as the most paid CEO in the US in all the age brackets. The co-founder of Facebook made almost $ 2.3 billion in compensation last year making him the most paid CEO in the World; this is according to a survey conducted by GMI Ratings. According to the report, Zuckerberg’s salary in 2012 stood at $503, 000 with an additional $266,000 in bonuses. These amounts were later dwarfed by the CEO stock options which totaled $2.27 billion. Sticking to the maths, it essentially means Zuckerberg pocketed over $6 million a day making him the most expensive CEO in the US. The mega earnings were attributed to the CEO’s 60 million stock options which had been granted in 2005 becoming fully vested in 2010.

 The second most contributing factor to Zuckerberg’s earnings was him using the company aircraft and paying off security. It is estimated that Zuckerberg received over $1.2 million in perks alone in 2012. The only other CEO seeming to be closer to Zuckerberg’s earnings is Richard Kinder of Kinder Morgan Energy partners who hit the $1 billion mark. Zuckerberg is in the list of the few CEOS who have been able to bring home more than $ 1 billion in a year. In the list of the most paid CEO’s, the top ten brought home more than $ 100 million.

 In other news, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is expected to report earnings after hours of trading on Wednesday totaling $ 1.89 billion with an EPS of 0.18. This will be an increase in revenue of 4.5% and d a decline of EPS of 5%.

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