Tomahawk, WI 07/15/2014 (Basicsmedia) – Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)  will now move higher on the utility curve as a tracking-tool for the television ratings company Nielsen Media Research, Inc, in its latest survey to track what you watch on your mobile.

The tracking is expected to start by fall of this year.

As part of the tracking process, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will collect information on the shows, users view on their mobiles and tablets and forward it to the research firm. While news that Facebook will be teaming with Nielsen to track viewer statistics was announced as early as October 2013, there is now a sudden interest in the joint venture.

At the heart of the uneasiness in user minds is a new feature Facebook has caused trouble with recently – the MOOD experiment!

Until now the traditional path which Nielsen has opted to track user data has been to install physical meters on the TV sets, of users who agree to be part of the program. Typically 25,000 people participate in such surveys.

In 2013, Nielsen Media Research, Inc. has been attempting to track online statistics of users as well, and has been thus far limiting it to the 25,000 homes which are part of the survey group.

For the mobile statistics and counting venture, Nielsen has a software solution. It has installed software meters in the apps the users download to view TV shows on the mobile or tablet.

Now, with the new tracking feature, why does the ratings’ firm need to team with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)?

The answer lies in the reach of the ‘social’ element in the networking platform. It provides details of ‘who’ the viewers are while, native Nielsen’s tracker will give all the details of what and where the show is viewed.

Meanwhile, detractors persist that while several statistical loop holes will now be plugged, it remains to be seen what traction Facebook will gain from participating in the tracking.

Nielsen Media Research, Inc. has previously worked with Facebook to gain information on viewers of Internet Ads!

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